VASCD Micro-Credentials

Spring 2021
Micro-Credentials Facilitate Respectful Student-to-Student

In order for both academic and social-emotional learning to occur, students
must feel safe and confident sharing their ideas and perceptions with each
other. Respectful and robust interactions are foundational to a deeper
learning classroom. This micro-credential demonstrates the teacher’s skill in
developing and supporting students’ engagement with each other in respectful conversations.
Build Academic Discussion Skills
Academic discussion among students can solidify and advance learning of
content while also developing communication and critical thinking skills. In
effective academic discussions, students learn to support their ideas with
evidence and disagree without confrontation or conflict. This micro-credential demonstrates the teacher’s skill in developing and implementing activities where students engage in deeper learning through
productive academic discussions.
Incorporate Peer Review and Feedback
When students analyze each other’s work and provide descriptive feedback,
they are demonstrating their own mastery of the learning goal as well as
practicing essential critical thinking and communication skills. When students
 receive feedback and use it to revise and improve their work, they refine their skills and solidify their understanding. This micro-credential demonstrates the teacher’s skill in implementing structured protocols for peer feedback and
review that lead to deeper learning.
Build Classroom Community
Positive relationships and cooperation form the foundation for classroom
community, but a strong community means more than getting along with each
other. The kind of community that contributes to deeper learning involves
respect and appreciation for each other’s differences, a sense of unity, and a
set of shared values or goals. This micro-credential demonstrates the
teacher’s skill in cultivating a learning environment where a strong sense of
community leads to deeper learning.
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