Earning Points for Webinars and Videos

***Guidelines are effective as of March 25, 2020***

You may earned points for watching and participating in both live or on-demand (previously recorded, posted as video) webinars and professional learning learning videos that are at least 30 mins or longer. The webinar/video content* must be related to your contracted teaching assignment and align with one or more of the six Domains of Professional Competency in Education outlined by the Virginia License Renewal Manual, December 2019. You must also complete the Virtual Learning Reflection (VLR) log form for each webinar/video you wish to receive points. You will earn points based on the combination of the length of the webinar/video (total length rounded to the nearest quarter hour) and a standard 0.5 hr/point (30 minutes) for the completion of the VLR Log form.

*Webinars and videos about the COVID-19 Pandemic will be allowed ONLY IF the content is delivered within the context of teaching and learning for students.

Webinar/Video Length & VLR Log Calculation Examples

  • Webinar or Video 1 to 29 mins long > Does Not Qualify for Points
  • Webinar – 35 mins > Rounded to 30 mins = 0.5 hr
    • 0.5 hr + 0.5 hr for VLR Log = 1 hrs -> 1 Points Earned
  • Video – 50 mins -> Rounded to 45mins = 0.75 hr
    • 0.75 hr + 0.5 hr for VLR Log = 1.25 hrs -> 1.25 Points Earned
  • Webinar – 1hr 10 mins -> Rounded to 1 hr 15 mins -> 1.25 hrs
    • 1.25 hrs + 0.5 hr for VLR Log = 1.75 hrs -> 1.75 Points Earned

Frontline Out of District PD Record Form

You will need to complete the Out of District PD Record form in Frontline Professional Growth for EACH webinar/video and VLR log completed that you would like to earn points. Each application requires the following documentation to be attached* within the application.

  • Completed Virtual Learning Reflection Log Form
    • A PDF copy of the log will be sent to your email upon completion.
  • Any documentation given to you for participating/watching the webinar OR PDF of the webpage describing webinar/video content.
    • This could be an email thanking you for registering/attending or a certificate.
    • Turn any email or webpage into a PDF by right clicking, then click Print. Once the Print page appears, change the Destination to Save as PDF. Be sure to name the documents accordingly.

*You will need to add these files to your My File Library in Frontline BEFORE they will be available in the application to attach.

How To Add Files To My File Library – Frontline PG User Guide

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