SPS Gmail Basics

First Days – The Basics

Google Apps

Setting up Google on Mobile Devices


  • Where do I access my new Google Apps email account?
    Google Apps can be accessed via one of two methods:visit the SPS Staff Portal at http://staff.spsk12.net/ and click the email link or go directly to the login page here: http://googlemail.spsk12.net
  • What is my Google Apps Email address and Username?
    Your new Google Apps email address will use your full first and last names (e.g. ExampleUser@spsk12.net).  Your username will be your full first and last name (everything before the @ sign in your email address, e.g. ExampleUser ).
  • What is my Google Apps password?
    Your initial or default password is set to your 4 digit job code. You can find your 4 digit job code by visiting the following SOFA web page: https://sofa.spsk12.net/home_main.asp.
  • What happens to mail sent to my old email address?
    Mail sent to your old email address (e.g. ExaUser@spsk12.net) will continue to arrive in your mailbox. It is not necessary to update all of your contacts with your new email address.
  • Will I still be able to access my Outlook account after the switchover?
    Yes, for a period of time, you can still log in to your Outlook account after 6/20/2012 to view your email, calendar, and personal contacts. However, you can’t make any changes in Outlook or send and receive messages from Outlook.
  • Will I be able to work with my coworkers who are still using Outlook after I switch over?
    Yes, you can continue to send and receive email with your coworkers as usual. You can also view and schedule meetings with Outlook users.
  • How much time is required to set up my account?
    You’ll be able to master the basics — sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings — very quickly. However, the time required to completely move over to Google Apps can vary, depending on how you currently use Microsoft Outlook. For example, for a typical email and calendar migration, expect to spend about 4 to 8 hours over the course of a week or so, to take training, review documentation, and set up your services. If you also access email on a mobile device, plan on spending a bit more time.
  • Will you help me set up and use my Google Apps account?
    There is a training web site to help get you started with your new Google Apps account that contains instructions for accessing your account, setting up your new services and mobile device, and using the services. That site is located at: https://sites.google.com/a/spsk12.net/google-apps-learning-center/
  • Can I access Google Apps mail from my mobile device?
    Yes! You will need to remove/delete your old email account from your mobile device first.  Visit the following link to connect your mobile device to your new Google Apps account: https://sites.google.com/a/spsk12.net/google-apps-learning-center/mobile-users-3

If You Have Questions

Visit the Google Apps Learning Center at: https://sites.google.com/a/spsk12.net/google-apps-learning-center/

Ask your co-workers for assistance.  Many of our staff members use Gmail for personal use and are very familiar with the interface.

Call the SPS helpdesk @ extension 654911