Penny Wars – Monday through Friday (March 27 – 31st)

The class with the most points on Friday 3:15 pm is the winner. Prize is a food party in class.

IF we raise more than $1,200 – ALL classes will receive a food party in class.

All profit goes toward our H2O for life schools in Nicaragua and Honduras.

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Bowl-A-Thon (Friday, 31 Mar, 7:30-9:30pm)

Location: AMF Western Branch Lanes (3101 Lynhurst Blvd, Chesapeake).

28 cadets will bowl for 2 hours with free food/drink buffet and $7 toward video games. Cadets must agree to collect a minimum of $50 (or more) in sponsorship to participate.

AMF Western Branch Lanes, 3101 Lynnhurst Blvd, Chesapeake, VA, Bowling  Centers - MapQuest
Attractions | AMF Western Branch Lanes | AMF

All profits will go toward the H2O for Life, Nicaragua and Honduras school water projects. Sponsorship money must be collected by Friday, 24 March.

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St. Patrick’s Day Suffolk Cleanup – 18 March

18 cadets braved the cold and rain to help make the area around the Nansemond River a cleaner place. Each cadet receives 2.5 hours of community service for helping.

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Military Aviation Museum – 21 and 22 March

90 cadets visited a museum with over 70 WWI and WWII aircraft. Our guided tour included a WWII English airfield control tower, WWII concept jet designs, as well as various WWII and WWI flight worthy aircraft, a V1 Buzz Bomb and German 88mm FLAK gun. Our tour guide showed them examples of the evolution in aircraft design from 1910 – 1947.

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Cadet Photos (March 29/30th)

All cadets will have the opportunity to have their photo on Wed/Thurs (29-30th) during class. Uniform is: Service Coat (with tie).

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Chik-Fil-A Fundraiser, Monday – April 3rd (5-7 pm)

Address:  6212 College Dr, Suffolk, VA 23435 Customers must present the flyer below for this event. (smartphone image) will be accepted. The flyers are required when the customer orders their meal (includes mobile, drive-thru, carry out or regular dine-in orders).

Chik-Fil-A will also have a spinning wheel set up for us to manage (5 – 7pm). Cadets will host the spin wheel for all guests that present a Spirit Night Flyer. Guests with a flyer can spin the wheel for $1 for a Chik-Fil-A prize (waffle fries, sandwich, etc.). 100% of this money goes toward H2O for Life!

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“H2O for Life”- Our goal by 30 March is to raise $1,763!

Our cadets have raised $14,578 since 2013!

This year’s goal is to donate ($1,763) for two schools: Integracion Centroamericana school in Honduras, and San Nicolas school in Nicaragua for access to safe drinking water and sanitation. 

See more at “H2O for Life” 

Parent Verification Form – Required for Community Service

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Uniform wear Makeup = Tuesday, all day

Mar 15/16: Short Sleeve Shirt

Mar 22/23: Windbreaker (ABU)

Mar 29/30: Service Coat/tie (Cadet Photo day)

GRADING: All cadets begin with a 100% grade.

-10% deduction for: each missing uniform item, shoes not polished, stains, wrinkles, violation of grooming standards, unauthorized jewelry/nails, loss of bearing during inspection. NOTE: A gigline infraction is -5%, with no additional penalty for cumulative weeks found.

-20% deduction for repeating the same infraction, the 2nd week in a row.

-40% deduction for the same infraction for the 3rd week in a row and beyond, until the infraction is fixed.  

Not in uniform, absences and uniform makeup policies: Present and not in uniform is considered a “Failure to wear.” Absent on uniform day is an “excused absence.” Makeup inspection for both is before (8 – 8:20 am) on the very next Tuesday of school. Go to the JROTC instructor’s office. “Excused absences” start at 100% grade (minus infractions). “Failure to wear” cadets start at 50% grade (minus infractions). Cadets with the following known missing uniform items (pants, shoes, shirt, service coat, windbreaker) will be “excused from wearing” until the ordered item arrives and hemmed (if needed).

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RC Blood Drive #3 Results

The Blood Drive’s goal is 45 donors and 24 pints. We collected 44 donors and 23 pints. Any cadet who donates will received 1.5 hrs of Community Service.

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Seniors – Scholarship opportunity

The LL12 Foundation is a local scholarship in memory of Logan Koonz, a Tabb HS student who tragically died in a car accident in 2019. H.S. seniors who maintain a 2.5+ GPA and have participated in either 4 years of HS sports or 4 years in a H.S. JROTC program can earn $500 Р$1,000 toward college! Complete the attached sheet to apply and forward to:

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