Geometry Videos for the Week of September 7th thru 10th


“Geometric designs of repeating figures that completely cover planes without any gaps.” Examples: Ceiling and/or Tile Flooring

Regular Tessellations

“Same Polygon Shape repeated without any gaps.”

Semi-Regular Tessellations

“Two or More Polygon Shapes together make a pattern without any gaps.”

Solving Linear Equations

Solving Literal Equations

Geometry Work for 9/7 and 9/8

1. Problem of the Day and Remind Signing up Information

2. Syllabus, Grading Rubric, and Class Expectations

3. Geometry Folder and Student Survey to Fill-out

4. Tessellation Notes

5. Semi-Regular Tessellation Design (+15pts)

6. Homework:

I. If not done in class, Semi-Regular Tessellation Design (+15pts)

II. Algebra Review Quiz: Solving Linear and Literal Equations  (In Two Classes–Next Monday 9/13 [5th Block] or Tuesday 9/14 [1st, 2nd, 4th, + 6th Blocks] or Wednesday 9/15 [3rd Block])