Geometry Work for 10/25 and 10/26

1. Problem of the Day

2. Notes: Conditional Statement Laws

3. Exit Slip: Conditional Statement Laws (+5pts)

4. Worksheet “Conditional Statement Laws”

5. Conditional Statements Ad. Project Due Next Class (Quiz Grade +22pts)

6. FINAL 1st Quarter Test (In Two Classes)

   2nd , 4th, and 6th Blocks on Wednesday, October 31st

  1st and 5th Blocks on Thursday, November 1st

7. End of 1st Q. Monday, November 5th [All Missing Work is due that day]

Geometry Work for 10/23 and 10/24

1. Problem of the Day

1b. Collect SOL Homework #2 (+10pts) or Collect Unit #2 Test (1st Block)

2. Notes: Conditional Statements

3. Exit Slip: Conditional Statements (+9pts)

4. Worksheet “Conditional Statements #1”

5. Conditional Statements Advertisement Project (Quiz Grade–+22pts)

2nd , 4th, + 6th Blocks Due on Monday, October 29th

1st and 5th Blocks Due on Tuesday, October 30th

Conditional Statements Advertisement Project

Geometry Videos for the Week of October 15th thru 22nd


Parallel Slope vs. Perpendicular Slope

SOL Constructions #2 can be viewed at this website:

  1. Perpendicular [Point ON Line]
  2. Perpendicular [Point NOT on Line]
  3. Angle Bisector
  4. Parallel Lines
  5. Congruent Angles

No Videos for October 19th and 22nd due the Unit #2 Geometry Test.  If you need other videos look back for all blog posts listing from October 2018.