Magic Treehouse

The Magic Treehouse book series is a focus series in our room this year.  We begin each day with a focus on the book of the week, and throughout the course of the day, we will bring what we are learning in our Magic Treehouse book into all of our subjects.

Each week we focus on connecting themes, and we look at similarities and differences between the books we read.  We discuss both the facts and the fictions of each book, and  students gain valuable background knowledge on a variety of topics from each book.  We take time to explore the worlds visited, look at pictures of strange concepts, and I always encourage students to ask questions and probe more deeply into areas they are unsure of.

Each week we complete a book map, where we discuss the essential elements…setting, characters, problem, solution, and write a brief summary of events.  We also focus on seven key vocabulary words that are in our story.

Vocabulary and background knowledge is one of the most important parts of developing young readers.  The more students are exposed to different words and concepts, the easier it is for them to read and discover.  As we learn the words each week, I encourage the students to look for these words in other places and in other contexts.  We try to integrate as many new words as possible into our daily reading and writing…after all, words are the spice of our life!

On the following pages I will post not only the vocabulary for the week, but also some additional information about the topics covered should your child wish to know more.  I encourage exploration into new concepts, and I welcome all chances to learn and know more!

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