Spelling will be an essential part of your student’s growth this year.  Word Study is a way of teaching spelling that emphasizes the structure of words, so that students can learn to apply those rules to new words and vocabulary.  Each week, students will receive a new list of spelling words which will be stored in a pouch.  These words will be used all week to complete various spelling assignments.  The homework for each night is detailed below.

Monday Night: Word Sort (Use the word sheet that was sent home in your Homework Folder)

  1. Cut out the words from your spelling word sheet.
  2. Sort all of the words into categories.
  3. Write each spelling category in a different column.
  4. Copy your spelling words in the appropriate columns.
  5. At the bottom of the sheet, explain what you learned about the words during this sort.
Example of a Correct Explanation Example of an Incorrect Explanation
“I noticed that there are two ways to make the /ow/ sound. It can be spelled “ow” and “ou.” “I noticed that there were a lot of long words on our spelling list.”

Tuesday Night: Making Connections

  1. Choose 4 of your spelling words. For each word, make a connection to four NEW words (that are NOT your spelling words) based on sound, spelling pattern, etc.
  2. The connection can be about beginning sounds, ending sounds, how many syllables, short vowels, long vowels, or words that rhyme with your spelling word.

Wednesday Night: Writing Choice

Choice #1: Sentences

Write five sentences using at least 1 spelling word per sentence. Underline your spelling word in each sentence.  Make these sentences good quality!  (Correct example: I bumped my knee on the corner of our white plastic patio chairs.) (Incorrect example: My knee hurts.)

Choice #2: Story

Write a short story using at least 5 of your spelling words. Underline your spelling words in the story. Make this story at least five sentences long.

Choice #3: Definitions

Choose five spelling words to define. Underline your spelling word in each sentence.  Make these sentences good!  (Correct example: A smock is a type of shirt you wear over your clothes to protect them from getting messy during an art project.) (Incorrect example: A smock is a shirt.)

Thursday Night: Buddy Check

  1. Find a buddy at home (friend, neighbor, babysitter, parent, relative, etc.)
  2. Tell your buddy to read each word to you. As your buddy reads each word, write it down on your Thursday Night Homework Sheet.
  3. After your buddy has read all the words, YOU check them over. If the word is correct, put a check mark or star next to it. If a word is spelled incorrectly, circle it. Have your buddy read the incorrect words to you again. Write those words in the second column labeled “Try Again.”
  4. For any words you misspelled on the first try, write them correctly (you can look at your word list) in the third column labeled “Correct Spelling”. Circle the parts of the word you need to remember. Write your scores at the bottom of each column.

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