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Teacher. Learner. Reader. Writer. Graduate of Suffolk Public Schools and Longwood University.  Part time architect, nurse, accountant, scientist, cook, artist, singer, dancer, comedian, disciplinarian, mathematician, meteorologist, designer, planner, Jedi Knight. Expert shoe tier.  A+ Band-Aid Applier.  Lover of good books, chocolate, powdered cheese, Converse All-Stars, music, sunshine, clean desks, Sharpies, fresh notebook paper, Pinkie Pie, and Captain America.  Writer. Reader. Learner. Teacher.

About This Blog

This is the part where I promise to try and update often, keep you apprised of our classroom goings on, and assure you that this will be a veritable font of information throughout the school year.  I will post everything from reminders to updates about testing to homework to permission forms and more.  Feel free to subscribe so that you can get the updates as they happen, and together we can have an organized, successful school year!

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