January 13

This week, we will be talking about feelings.  We will emphasize imagining how someone else is feeling and responding to their feelings.   The letter of the week is Aa.  Please review all of the letters and letter sounds that we have learned this year:  S, T, P, O, W, X, Y, U, F. It is important to review letters regularly so that your child can master the entire alphabet this year.

Home Activities:

Aa Hunt – Look for words that begin with capital and lowercase Aa with your child in magazine and newspaper headlines.  Circle and count the letters you find.  Encourage your child to write the letters on a blank of piece of paper.

Counting Books – Your child will listen to the counting book One Moose, Twenty Mice this week.  Ask him/her to tell about the animals in the book.  Look through other counting books with your child.  Encourage him/her to count the objects on each page and to predict what number will come next. 

Alphabet Books- use alphabet books to review letters and sounds with your child.  You can check one out of the library or make one of your own.

Alphabet Concentration – use letter cards of the letters that we have learned so far (uppercase and lowercase) to play concentration with your child.  When you pick a letter, you have to name the letter before you pick another letter. 

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