Mrs. McLeod’s Class

This week, we will talk about being a community helper by keeping our community clean.  We will also be making patterns with our bodies (clap, nod your head, wiggle your hips, etc.) and make pattern bracelets.  We are learning the letter O the letter O this week as well.  Please review the letters that we have already learned:  S, P, T and the sounds that they make.

            Please have your child practice putting on his or her coat and zipping it up.  We are practicing here at school as well.  This makes everyone more independent and more ready for kindergarten.  Also, continue to practice buttoning and zipping pants as well as buckling belts.

Home Activities:

*Collect letters Oo:  Look at magazines or newspaper headlines.  Help you child find and cut out Os.  Put the letters in an envelope or small box.  Have your child count how many letter Os they have in their collection.  You can also sort the capital Os and the lower case os into two piles.  You can also find pictures of things that begin with O to add to the envelope or box.

Dates to Remember:

November 5- No school – teacher work day

November 11 – Veteran’s Day – no school

November 14- Picture make up day

November 15- no school – conferences

November 27 – early dismissal (Thanksgiving)

November 28-29 – Thanksgiving holiday

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