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Week 2: How Things Grow!

What We’re Learning:This week we will actively explore the basic and geometric shapes.   Square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, and rectangular prism!We will write our names daily.  Please keep finding and discussing shapes and letters, practicing name-writing and sharing books with your child daily. We are moving into week 2 of our Streamin3 curriculum which discusses how we grow.  We will play a shape guessing game, trace/color/cut shapes, decorate a class banner and then adhere 2D and 3D shapes on it!  We will also be discussing animals and how they grow.  We have stuffed animals that we will be responsible to care for over the week!  Reminders:

  • Name necklaces will no longer be sent home daily.  They have been replaced with a tag on the back of your child’s bookbag.  The bus drivers can refer to that if needed. If you happen to get a new bookbag, please save it and I will re-attach it.  If your child comes without a bookbag, we will give them a name necklace for bus safety.
  • Download the Remind App and join our class!  Text @mrsmspaul to 81010.  I will send reminders and pictures via Remind.
  • Picture day is Weds., Oct. 9th.  Please return the form on picture day.
  • Open House is October 10th at 6:30pm- yellow form comes home today.
  • Scholastic book orders are due Mon., Oct. 14.  I will submit the order as a group and the books are shipped to me, which I will put in your child’s bookbag.
  • The school fundraiser is due Weds., OCT. 16! Thank you for helping our school.
  • Weds., Oct. 23 is Orange Unity Day- wear orange!
  • We will be using our jackets on a daily basis before long! Please help your child practice zipping his/her coat!  Also, labeling jackets with your child’s name inside is helpful.

Communicate: Intro Wk3

This week we will focus on the Communicate Routines from our curriculum, Streamin3. The past two weeks we worked on Relate and Regulate, and I have attached the routines that we’ve learned and practiced, for you to follow up with at home!

This week we will practice daily name-writing, taking turns in conversations, journaling, copying letters and shapes! In particular, the first letter of our name, and shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval. Please emphasize these at home by identifying shapes and letters all around the house, store, on signs and food labels, etc. Shaving cream is a very simple, but fun activity to explore writing. Just squirt a dollop on the table, rub it flat and start drawing in it with your finger! Easy clean up by just rubbing it away!

Thank you for sending the name necklaces daily! We will soon convert them to a tag on your student’s backpack. Thank you for washing blankets and sending them back clean each Monday!

Our next event is Open House on October 10 at 6:30pm.

We will have an in-school fundraiser kick-off on Monday, Sept 23 so you will see fundraisers sent home thereafter!