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“Shaping Up”
We are learning the names and features of the four main shapes – circles, squares, triangles, rectangles (and more to come!). Please point out shapes with your student around the house, when driving in the car, etc.  One of their favorite references I make is that a rectangle looks like a door! There are shapes all around us and giving students concrete examples at home helps them to remember the names of the shapes.

In small group, we traced and colored shapes, created a face made of shapes and sponge painted shapes. During work time (centers), we got the choice of playing in housekeeping, table toys, building blocks and animals, trucks and doll houses. This is so much fun, and we look forward to opening more work centers!
We continue to reinforce class rules, procedures and expectations. We are filling a classroom bubble gum jar and each students put a bubble gum in when they are seen following directions!

**ALL DAILY EARLY START Parent Pick Ups will be held in the Gym each afternoon.  We are not using the alphabetical system.

**Our school fundraiser should be coming home next week! Stay tuned.

**We collect Box Tops for Education!

Pete the Cat!

This week we will read books from my favorite character, Pete the Cat! I encourage you to look him up on YouTube or check out the books from the public library. I also will be sending home a Scholastic order if you’d like to order books, and he is in there as well. The kids love Pete!
We will work on identifying colors, as well as sorting and matching colors this week. Additionally, we will be discussing the first letter of our own name and everyone should be able to identify/tell what letter they start with this week.
*Please work on colors and the first letter of your child’s name at home this week.
*Back to School night this Thursday.
BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone for sending the name necklaces back and forth daily! Y’all are awesome.