Early Start, Room 71

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Letter Hh Week!

What we are learning

We will continue our unit called “Let’s Move!” where we will have fun moving our bodies!  We will read stories about the different ways we move, and experiment with hula hoops. The new letter this week is Hh (horse, hat, hug, hay, hunt, house). We will discuss Humpty Dumpty and go on an “I Spy” walk to find his pieces and put him back together again!  We will also read the book Harry the Dirty Dog, which they love!  We will also work more on identifying numbers.

Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds we have learned so far (Ss,Tt,Pp,Oo,Yy,Bb,Uu,Ff,Xx,Ww,Zz,Mm,Aa,Rr,Cc,Qq,Vv,Jj).

Reading Skills

We will continue to review our sight words previously learned: I, see, like, a, he, she, NEW WORDS- me, we

Home Activities

*Hh Hunt – look at magazine and newspaper headlines with your child.  Search for words that begin with capital H and lowercase h.  Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find.  Look for pictures that begin with the letter H.

*Work on recognizing numbers 0-20 with your child.  Practice writing numbers once your child can recognize them.