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Letter Vv Week!


What we are learning

This is our final week on the unit “The City and the Country”. We will review the city and the country and compare/contrast the two, reading stories about both. Our new letter this week is letter Vv (van, volcano, violin, vest, valentine). We conduct a volcano experiment in class using baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring!

Please continue to review all the other letters and letter sounds taught this year (S,T,P,O,Y.B,U,F,X, W,Z,M,A,R,C,Q). We have already learned over half of the alphabet!

Upcoming Dates

Don’t forget! Kindergarten Registration will be held Wednesday, March 13 from 8am-5pm at your child’s home zoned school.  Email me or call if you have questions!

Scholastic Orders due Monday, March 4.

NO SCHOOL- Tuesday, March 5.

Career Day (students may dress up as their favorite career)- Friday, March 8.

Reading Skills

Last week we discussed and identified questions and question marks. We will continue that, also reviewing our sight words already learned: I, see, like, a.  We will also begin teaching “he” and “she” and make sentences.