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Week 1: How Things Grow

This week, we will review the basic shapes we learned last week and introduce geometric shapes: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, and rectangular prism! We will write our names daily.  Please keep finding and discussing shapes and letters, practicing name-writing and sharing books with your child daily.

We are also starting Week 1 of our Streamin3 curriculum which discusses how we grow.  We will make a handprint banner and revisit it later in the year to see how our hands have grown!  We will work together to make a class self-portrait banner, measure our heights using yarn strings, measure nature objects outside and decorate picture frame of ourselves using craft sticks.


  • Download the Remind App and join our class!  Text @mrsmspaul to 81010.  I will send reminders and pictures via Remind.
  • The school fundraiser in your child’s binder today is due OCT. 16! Thank you for helping our school.
  • Open House is October 10th at 6:30pm.
  • We will be using our jackets on a daily basis before long! Please help your child practice zipping his/her coat!  Also, labeling jackets with your child’s name inside is helpful.


Since this is the first week of fall, we will be exploring apples!  We will examine apples,  taste apples and choose our favorite color and read 10 Apples Up on Top.  We will also continue reviewing shapes daily.  Each student should already be able to identify the first letter of their name.  If not, please keep discussing this daily.

Also, we will introduce positional words: in front, behind, in the middle, over, under, etc . Please make conversation about these words at home: “what is under the couch? That light is over your head. You are lying in the middle of the bed. Look at the car behind us.”, etc

**Please return the Ident-a-Kid form by tomorrow (Tues)!

**Oct 9 is the updated date for Open House.


Welcome to Early Start!!

It was great to meet everyone at Orientation!  School begins Tuesday! There will be lots of rules and procedures to teach.  We will also begin by identifying our name & symbol on our name tags! We will discuss sharing and playing together, as well.  We can’t wait to have fun together this year!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me! Have a great week!