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Below is the link for supplies that we use in class. Listed are the uses for most of these materials for better understanding. Students are responsible for keeping track of all supplies and returning folders on time. Thank you!


composition notebooks—word work and writing journal, homework journal, science/social studies and math  interactive notebooks

pencil box (also called “Tool Kit”)—used for daily supplies to include glue stick, crayons, and scissors.

pocket folders—red folder is for homework and daily communication, the other is a spare; yellow is used for classwork and “research” folder. The prongs are great to hold information (page protectors that hold the homework menu, spelling menu, workbook pages for the folders.

Ziploc bags—used for word sorts, flash card storage, dry erase marker storage, and various activities in the classroom.

page protectors—your child will need at least 10 of these.  They are used in the red daily communicators, yellow folders, as well as for dry erase boards.

Pencils and class cash will be stored in the pencil pouch that I provide for them. I use a pencil policy, where students get  8 sharpened pencils and an eraser at the beginning of the week. The student keeps this pouch in their desks. When they need a sharp pencil, they put the dull one in the bag and get a new one. Fridays the pouches are collected. I sharpen the pencils in the pouch and reward those who have all 8 pencils. Any missing pencils will be replaced with a gentle reminder to keep up with their supplies. Names will be put on the pencils to return them to their rightful place.

Thank you for your part in keeping our students supplied with the tools to help them be successful!


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