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Rules and Rewards

1. Follow directions quickly and quietly.

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4. Make smart choices.



First, second time: verbal warnings (“1”, “2” count)

Third time:  student goes to the Reflection Section to regroup, rethink, and reflect on their choice. A timer is set. When the timer is done, student rejoins the group. Conference with teacher if necessary.

Serious charges:  include safety issues, Creekside infractions, guidance or office referral:  parent will be contacted.

Any rule infractions will be recorded on the calendar in the red folder. A list of the rules and the number of the rule that was broken will be logged in the box.


Each student will receive 8 pencils and one eraser in a specially marked pouch to keep in their desk.  Pencils will have their names on them, the eraser and pencil pouches are numbered. On Friday afternoon, students return their pencil pouch to the teacher. Pencils will be sharpened and returned on Monday morning. If all 8 pencils and eraser are in the pouch Friday afternoon, the student will find a reward in their pouch Monday morning. If any pencils or eraser are missing, they will be replaced, and the student will receive a gentle reminder to keep up with all materials.  All pencils need to be in good condition (not broken, erasers popped off, etc) to receive recognition.


As part of our math and social studies units, students learn economics and counting money. We will begin by using class cash. Students earn dollars for making good choices, reaching goals for reading, and so forth. Students must pay a fine for poor behavior choices, missing materials (in cubby, not desk), rule infractions. Students will receive a wallet to hold their class cash. This wallet and cash stays at the school. They will be able to purchase coupons using their cash from the class store on Friday. When students purchase their coupon, they will count out the money to the banker (teacher). Coupons include fun rewards, such as bring a stuffed animal to class, sit with your best friend to do a lesson, eat a smart snack in class, and so forth. Coupons are turned in when redeemed for reuse with the class. The school is also doing Gator Cash. Students will redeem Gator Cash every 4 to 5 weeks for rewards.


Verbal praise, Great Moment certificates, class coupons, class cash, Gator Cash


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