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What We’re Learning, March 19-23, 2018

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Reading:  We are making predictions and drawing conclusions for our comprehension skills. Writing is still making lists but also sharing our writing with others. Our reading benchmark is scheduled for Tuesday.

Math:  We are reviewing for our math benchmark, scheduled for Wednesday. Skills include patterns, time to the half hour, story/picture problems of addition and subtraction, money, and review of previous skills from the year.

Science:  We are finishing with plants. Plants can be classified as edible/nonedible, flowering/nonflowering, or evergreen or deciduous. We will have our plants assessment Monday, March 27; our benchmark is scheduled for Thursday, March 29. It will cover plants and animals.

Social Studies:  We are studying all 5 American leaders. Our test is scheduled for Friday, March 23. Our benchmark is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, and will cover American leaders and review of maps (1.5), climate and physical surroundings (1.6), and government/traditions (1.12).

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