Small Group Remediation Times 1st Nine Weeks-these can be individuals or groups depending on the need

Block 1 1:10-1:35 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

Block 2 1:40-2:05 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

Block 3 2:10-2:35 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

About Dawnece Bennington

My name is Dawn Bennnington. I have been in the world of finance for the past 23 years. I had my daughter and when she started school, I found that I wanted to be a teacher. I went back to school and received my 4 year degree in Business Administration. I continued to work while doing this and served as Creekside's bookkeeper for two years. I went through the career switcher program at Old Dominion University for my teaching license. I love what I do and know that i am where I am meant to be. Creekside is an awesome school and I feel very honored to be teaching there!
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