Week of 9/14

Homeworkdue Thursday end of day

Page 12 in the Math Interactive Notebook -Instructions can be found under the “Pages” Section of Canvas near the bottom along with an example of the expectation. The actual page is in their notebook. Once completed they need to take a picture and upload it in the Canvas platform. They must show all work and compete all other problems to receive full credit.

Classworkdates due will vary, see below

-Students need to complete Monday/Tuesday sections of the Bell Ringer today 9/14/2020

-Students must review the 3 parts in Canvas under the Module section to assist with today’s lesson 9/14/2020

-Students need to complete the Wednesday/Thursday sections of the Bell Ringer Tuesday 9/15/2020

-Students must turn in the Bell Ringer by 8:00 am on Thursday morning 9/17/2020

A Bell Ringer Key will be provided on Wednesday, 9/16/2020, so that students may check their answers

Notebook pages-all pages from 10-16 should currently be being worked on. If they are not, have them do so.


Bell Quiz from last week’s and this week’s Bell Ringer on Thursday 9/17/2020

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Small Group Remediation Times 1st Nine Weeks-these can be individuals or groups depending on the need

Block 1 1:10-1:35 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

Block 2 1:40-2:05 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

Block 3 2:10-2:35 M-Th (Fridays will vary)

Students must email to make me aware that they need help and what they need help with. I will set up a conference (virtual classroom) for the above times and they need to be ready to log in once they receive the email invitation.

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All homework will be posted here each day that homework is given.

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