March 18, 2020

Good Morning, Everybody!
I’m just checking in. I am available with no delays between 10 and 12 each day. I am checking my email all throughout the day. So, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Pace yourselves on the work. If you complete one or two sections on the study guide each day you should be fine.
 I want you to do the first problem out of each red book lesson that I assigned. There are 42 lessons. I would suggest you do about 10 problems a day to stay on track. After you finish doing the first problem for all the lessons, start on the second problem for each lesson. 
The daily review should be completed like we normally do it.
Hope everybody is doing well! I miss you all! Let me hear from you so I’ll know how you are progressing.
Mrs. Copeland

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