IXL – Language arts topics.  Great sight for writing help!

Fifth Grade Science Activities Page 2 | Education.com. – This seems to be a cools site for activities!~

Rounding Worksheets. A good resource for extra practice!

Exam Review SHeet – Pages 1 to 3

Pre-Algebra – Complete your SOL 8.6 Review Sheet as review for your Line and Angle QUIZ tomorrow.  Please review and study your notes on the 7 angle relationships that will be on the QUIZ.

Math 7 – Complete the Section 1a Review Sheet in preparation for your Histogram QUIZ tomorrow.  Please review your notes tonight and practice your Venn Diagram if you have time.

Pre-Algebra students need to have the charts on page 1 and 2 of today’s class activity finished and ready to discuss on Monday.  We will be practicing how to identify and find the missing angle measures using those angles relationships on Monday 2/10 and Tuesday 2/11.  There will be a QUIZ on SOL 8.6, Line and Angle Relationships on Wednesday 2/12.

Complete the Glencoe 2-7 Study Guide and Practice Problems if you did not complete them in class.  They are due first thing in the morning, Monday, 2/10 as you come to school. 

We have a HISTOGRAMS QUIZ on Wednesday, Feb. 12th!

Pre-Algebra – Complete the Part 1 and Part 2 EXAM REVIEW SHEETS.  Please keep in mind that your EXAMS Begin on Tuesday, Jan 21st.

Math 7 – Complete the SOL 7.1 Review Sheet.  – EXAM’s are next week.


Surface Area and Volume Review and Practice Sheet for tomorrow’s TEST!

This Friday, Dec. 6th ALL Math classes will take their Mid-Point EXAMS.  You will have an exam review sheet for Pre-Algebra and will be assigned problems from each nightly.  Tonight for Pre-Algebra you are to complete problems # 1- 7 on the review sheet. 

For Math 7, you will have much in-class review with some exercises that carry over into homework.  Tonight for Math 7, you will need to complete the SOL 7.6 Review Sheet in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz on Similar Figures.

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