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November 18, 2010

Nov. 18, 2010

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(INp.9 and 10) See Questions below.

Using the word problems below, make up and solve similar word problems of your own. Sol 6.6b Monday. Also, complete the three division problems given on the board today.

1. Jim uses 0.7 cups of lemon juice for each glass of lemon tea. How many glasses of lemon tea can he make with 6.30 cups of lemon juice?

2. If your divisor is 0.8 and your dividend is 7.20, what is your  quotient?

3.  Jill made cupcakes to sell at the bazaar. Each cupcake sold for $0.80. Jill made a total of $18.40. How many cupcakes did she sell?

4.  Jamie spent $15.20 for a turkey that cost $0.40 per pound. How many pounds did she buy?

5.  Mike bought a bag of dog food that weights 8.75 lbs. His dog eats 0.5 lbs. of food each day.  How many days will a bag of food last?

6.  A group of friends divided 4.2 lbs of potato chips equally among themselves. Each person received 0.6 lbs of chips. How many friends are in the group?

7.  There are 25 girls on the volleyball team. They want to buy their coach a gift that costs $50.25.   How much will each person have to pay?

8.  A number divided by o.o7 has a quotient of 6.30. What is the dividend?

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