Edgenuity Begins 4/20/2020

Please ensure that you have read the detail information sent out by the superintendent. It outlines the process we will follow for the 4NW Learning Plan.

I know that a lot of information came out today and there is a lot of information on the SPS site.

I wanted to give you step by step directions on how to find information about Edgenuity such as logins and informational videos that I HIGHLY recommend you watch.

Follow these steps once you are on the SPS site:

1. Click on Continuity of Learning

2. Click on Secondary instruction

3. Click on the link that starts with Welcome to….

4. Click on Virtual SPS in the top right of the screen

5. Then you will see the Edgenuity Student Quick Start Guide and a Parent’s Guide this is where you will see info about logins and videos. 

I apologize if there is any confusion. We, as teachers, are getting information by the hour and sometimes that information changes. Just work with us and we’ll try to keep everybody informed.

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