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Nansemond River senior James Taylor was attempting to pull off the feat of winning two national titles at the National Scholastic Indoor Championships with the 400 and 200 meter dashes. In his first finals race on Sunday in the 400 meter dash, Taylor went out aggressively in the first 200 meters at 22.0, but was overtaken by Daundre Barnaby of Connecticut in the final 100 meters. Taylor in a rare defeat this season, still ran a personal best and US #6 time of 47.66 for runner-up. Taylor quickly bounced back from the defeat in the 200 meter dash to light up the field and flash a 21.34 US #2 time on the board at the Armory. (Photo by Mary Dibiase Blaich of WingedFootPhotos.com)

  Congratulations James, Juan, Joseph, Maya, Aaliyah, and all of my WARRIOR Family!  God bless you always!

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