Honors Biology & Biology

Class Information

Biology/Honors Biology 2019-2020

Class Rules, Expectations, & General Information


Teacher:  Mrs. Jennifer Stone

E-mail:  jenniferstone@spsk12.net

School Phone:  923-4101

Blog:  Mrs. Stone’s Blog

Online Textbook:  website:  www.pearsonrealize.com

Each student will be given a user name and password to access the online textbook and resources.

Remind texts:  See my blog and the appropriate block for information regarding signing up for Remind texts.  Texts will be sent out for quizzes, tests, projects, and other important dates.  Texts will not be sent out for homework (see blog).

Tutoring Days:  Tutoring will be by appointment.


Students:  You will be expected to have paper, something to write with, and your textbook or a device that you know will open the online textbook (you have verified).  You must watch the online video clips assigned for homework to fully understand what is going on in class (save my blog as a favorite).  Additionally, expect to do memory work.  There are a lot of vocabulary terms and facts that you are expected to know.


Parents:  Use my blog, HAC, and Remind to stay “in the know” for my class.


Students must have online access.  Homework may involve viewing and responding to online videos.  Also, all homework assignments, including video links, dates of quizzes, tests, and projects, assignments to be completed, class information, and Remind sign-up information is located on my blog.  Students will need to be capable of accessing this information.  In the case of absence, students should visit my blog in order to keep up with what is happening in class. 


Class Materials

  • three-ring binder (1 ½ ″ minimum recommended)
  • loose leaf paper
  • appropriate writing utensils (blue or black ink pens, pencils)

∙  Internet access

∙  I highly recommend highlighters, colored pencils, or a variety of writing utensils (i.e. blue ink pen, black ink pen, and pencil).

∙  I highly recommend index cards to make flash cards for vocabulary and facts.

∙  You must bring your textbook each class or a device to open the online textbook.  It is your responsibility to verify that the book will open on the device before coming to class. 


Class Expectations

  1. You are expected to bring your writing utensils, binder, textbook or device, paper, and assignments that are due to each class.
  2. You will be on time to class.
  3. You will be respectful of your classmates and your instructors.
  4. NO FOOD OR CANDY is allowed in the classroom. This is a laboratory class; therefore, there should be no food or candy out.  Also, drinks should be kept closed.
  5. Headgear and electronic equipment (head/earphones, music players, hats, do-rags, cell phones, tablets, Ipads, etc.) are to be turned off and kept in student’s bookbag.  Noncompliance with this rule will result in confiscation of the equipment.  According to the BYOD policy, electronic equipment is allowed at the teacher’s discretion. 
  6. Bathroom passes: Each student will be allowed three passes per nine weeks.  They will be granted at my discretion.  My class information is important and you should not miss out.  These passes are for emergencies; once they are all used, no more passes will be granted until the next nine weeks.  Abuse of the pass privilege will result in the revocation of passes.  Students with special medical needs should submit a doctor’s note to the school nurse.  Remember, you have five minutes between classes; plan accordingly and use your time wisely.
  7. All school policies will be enforced.
  8. You are expected to stay in your seat and not roam around the room.


Notes & Notebooks

Tests and quizzes will come from notes, class discussion, class work, homework, and application of material taught.  I highly recommend that you keep up with assignments, including viewing online videos, and attend class regularly.  You may organize your notebook in a fashion that suits your tastes, but I suggest keeping everything chronological or by unit.



Homework assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of the class period in which they are due.



Classwork assignments are due at the end of the class period in which they are assigned unless the teacher states otherwise.


Quizzes & Tests

There will be a minimum of four quizzes and three tests per marking period.  Projects may substitute for a quiz or test.  Benchmark tests, such as nine weeks tests, may count as one of the three tests.



If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining your make-up work and submitting it within five school days of your return.  Work turned in after the five days will be subject to the late policy.  Work assigned before your absence and due on the date of your absence, will be due the day you return.  Work assigned while absent, will be due within the five day make-up period.  All work, including tests and quizzes, due the day of the absence will be scored as missing, and will average in as a zero until made up.


Late Policy

Classwork and homework turned in one class late will receive a score no higher than 50.  This applies to work turned in at the beginning of class.  Any work turned in after that point will receive a score of one and be noted as turned in past due.


Grading Rationale

  • Nine weeks average –

Homework            10%

Classwork             20%

Quizzes                  30%

Tests                       40%

  • In accordance with school board policy, the following grading scale will be used:

A          100-90                     Outstanding progress, superior work

B            89-80                     Good, better than average progress

C            79-70                     Average progress

D            69-63                     Below average progress

F                <63                     Unsatisfactory