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SPS Virtual Edgenuity F.A.Q.s

Posted by Mrs. Naccarato on May 4, 2020

1. Is Edgenuity a new platform for the students?

Yes, Edgenuity is a new platform for most students and teachers. However, the district has been using Edgenuity for the past three years for a variety of purposes, such as credit recovery, initial credit, transfer students, and SOL remediation.

2. Is the login the same as Google Classroom?

No, the Edgenuity login is not the same as Google Classroom. Students will need to use the Edgenuity Student Quick Start Guide for log-in information. Students must be signed into their Suffolk Public Schools’ Google account to access the Edgenuity Student Quick Start Guide. This resource includes Edgenuity student default password credentials.

3. Will all assignments be in Edgenuity or will they still need to access Google Classroom?

Yes and no. This will mostly depend on the teacher and course. Students’ math, English, science, social studies, French, and Spanish courses will be in Edgenuity. Their elective courses may be in Google Classroom unless otherwise noted by their teacher. Teachers should have communicated the platform for their courses to students and parents.

Math, English, science, social studies, French, and Spanish teachers may still supplement Edgenuity via Google Classroom, Remind, or other online platforms.  All of the students’ lessons and graded work (practice problems, quizzes and tests) will be found and completed in Edgenuity.

4. Will everything students need to be successful in Edgenuity courses be provided in the platform or will they need prior knowledge or resources?

The materials presented in Edgenuity will be new learning for students.  In some cases, they may need to refer to or access the internet, books, or notes for material that may have already been taught during the year.  If a student runs into a problem with understanding materials in Edgenuity, please reach out to the teacher for assistance.  Teachers will still be available to supplement learning as needed as students progress through the platform.

5. What types of assignments will my student have to complete in Edgenuity?

Below is a list of the types of activities available and how they may be graded in Edgenuity. All courses do not have the same types of categories of assignments; it will vary by course.

Type of Assignment Grading Method
Vocabulary Not graded, for instruction only
Lecture and Lab Lecture Not graded, for instruction only
Instruction and Summary Not graded, for instruction only
Journal, Study Questions Automatically graded for completion based on keywords
Online content with Questions Earned percentage based on keywords
Online content without Questions Not graded, for instruction only
Practice with multiple choice or select answers Earned percentage
Practice with open ended questions Completion grade of 100%
Assignments and Virtual Labs with multiple choice or select answers Earned percentage
Assignments and Virtual Labs with open-ended questions Completion grade of 100%
Essays Teacher reviewed and graded
Short writing assignments Teacher reviewed and graded
Projects, Performance Tasks, and Lab Reports Teacher reviewed and graded
Quizzes, Tests, and Lab Assessments Earned percentage (ability to retest for any score below 63%)

Students should complete assignments and review activities as needed, but focus their efforts on tests and quizzes as those carry the most weight.  The majority of assignments are meant to support the student’s learning through the instruction in preparation for the assessments at the end of the lesson. Students may time out of assignments and activities if they are idle too long.  They should exit a course if they will be away from the device for an extended period of time so progress is not lost.

6. Does this “SPS Virtual Learning Plan” mean that none of the teachers will be hosting Zoom meetings or have any other engagement with students this school year?

No. Each teacher is required to be available for 2 hours a day (Mon to Thurs) to provide help or answer student/parent questions.  More information about the office hours can be found at the links below:

High School                               Middle School

** Please note that virtual times and days are subject to change if the teacher has to make adjustments for various reasons.

7. What if my student has special needs or was in an honors/accelerated course? What support will he/she receive?

Students with special needs will still have access to their special education teachers while in Edgenuity.  These teachers will monitor student progress along with the general education teacher and provide accomodations and resources based on the student’s Individualized Education Plan.  These teachers will be reaching out to parents and students to explain the academic support provided.  Students in honors or accelerated courses will be receiving instruction based on the essential skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete the course curriculum. Middle school gifted resource teachers will continue to provide support and enrichment activities to students via Google Classroom and other online platforms.

8. How much time should my student spend in Edgenuity each day? Do they have to follow the course map?

Edgenuity sets average times for assignments and assessments in the course map. Some of these times may go beyond the 20-25 minutes a day average outlined by the district.  Each Edgenuity course is about 20-25 hours long so the amount of time a student will spend in Edgenuity will vary based on course load and student ability. Students do not have to use the course map, but should try to stay on target by using the progress bar located on each course tile.  Each day the progress bar resets for that day’s work, so students will be behind each morning until they complete the work assigned for that day. Weekends are not included in the course map so students may want to use the weekend to get ahead in course materials for the following week.

9. How will this virtual nine weeks be graded?

The work completed in the virtual 4th nine weeks will account for 10% of their overall grade. Students will receive a pass grade (A) if 100% of the work is completed with an average of 63% or higher. Students will receive a fail grade (F) if work is not completed or if the average of the work completed falls below 63%. Students should not be concerned with lower than average grades while in Edgenuity if they are making adequate progress and passing the course. Retesting in tests and quizzes for a higher grade will only be provided if a student if performing below the 63% threshold.  Any students who earns 63% or above in an Edgenuity course will be awarded a letter grade of (A) for the 4th nine weeks, numerical grades will not be used.

10. Will students receive a failing grade if they do not complete the Edgenuity courses?

If a student does not complete the entire course, but has an “Actual Grade” of 63% or above as of June 5, they will pass the course. Students passing the course will pass with a letter grade of A for the Virtual Quarter. Students failing the course will receive a letter grade of F for the Virtual Quarter.

11. How will the final grades for the year be calculated?

Final Grade calculations are as follows:

High School Credit Courses (including those at the MS level):

1st nine weeks =31%, 2nd nine weeks 31%, Mid-Term EXAM= 8% 

3rd nine weeks = 20%, 4th nine weeks 10%

Middle School Year Long Courses:

1st nine weeks = 35%, 2nd nine weeks = 35%

3rd nine weeks = 20%, 4th nine weeks = 10%

Middle School Semester Courses

3rd nine weeks = 70%, 4th nine weeks = 30%

An example is provided below:

  1st 9 weeks (31%) 2nd 9 weeks (31%) Midterm   (8%) 3rd 9 weeks (20%) 4th 9 weeks (10%) FINAL
Sample English Grades A B- C B A B+
Sample Calculation Grades in MP1, MP2, MP3, and Exam are based on actual earned percentages 94 81 76 86 100 87.53 Rounds to 88  
Sample Algebra Grades C C D B F C-
Sample Calculation Grades in MP1, MP2, MP3, and Exam are based on actual earned percentages 76 75 66 85 62 75.29 Rounds to 75

12. How long does my student have to complete the work?

This is a self paced course with a completion deadline of June 5th, 2020. Students can work as fast as they want. To prevent burn out or extra stress we encourage students to take brain breaks and spread out the content in a way that works for them.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Students are responsible for completing the work provided. The work they are asked to complete is significantly less work than would be completed if we were in school.
  • Students are encouraged to take notes on paper or use the enotes tool through the lessons. **Notes taken on paper or through the program can be used on all practice problems, quizzes and tests. They must save their notes to have access to them later. Students will NOT have access to the video lessons during a quiz or test but can use the notes they take. It is highly encouraged for students to take notes!
  • Students are automatically allowed a retake on a quiz or test if they do not pass with a 63% or higher.
  • Weekly reports will be sent out to parents to help keep track of student progress.
  • Classwork, quiz and test grades WILL NOT be put in HAC for Edgenuity courses. The only grade that will go in HAC will be the overall letter grade at the end of the course. This is why weekly progress reports will be sent out.

13. What if there is an issue with the Edgenuity system?

If there is a widespread issue with Edgenuity, you can check the status at this site:

If you need technical support, you may contact Edgenuity using the contact information below:

Phone (fastest way to get a response): 877-202-0338


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 pm. (EST); Saturday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST)

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