Assignment due Friday, December 16, 2016:

Image result for book presentsTHE GIFT OF WORDS

 I would like you to find a poem, song lyrics, a saying, or a paragraph you like from a favorite book– something that speaks to you because of its message, its beauty, and its format.

I want you to copy it neatly onto a piece of paper, put it into a box, and wrap it. Be sure to include, before you wrap it, the name of the author, your name as the giver, and write, very briefly, why you chose the words you did.

Image result for book presentsWe will “exchange” these gifts and share the wonder of words.

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Give the Gift of Reading

gift of books

Please join our Title 1 specialist, Mrs. Knight, and a whole bunch of her elves on Tuesday, December 13th from 6 to 7 PM for our December Title 1 Reading Night.

Parents will learn ways to make reading fun at home then “shop” for FREE books. Choose from a variety of reading levels and hundreds of titles including popular series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Magic Tree House, Rainbow Magic Fairies, Flat Stanley, Junie B. Jones and more!

Fiction and Non-fiction will be available as well! Teachers will be available to help you select the right books for your children and then the Teachers will wrap your books in festive paper while parents take a break and enjoy a few refreshments.

The students won’t miss out on all the fun. While parents learn about reading and “shop for FREE books,” students who attend will be participating in fun, seasonal activities.

Please contact Latrice Knight, Title I Specialist, at 934-6214 or to confirm attendance or for additional information.

Don’t miss out on this festive and fun family event!

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December 5/6

MAP testing

If you missed this day, see me as soon as possible to make up this test.


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December 1/2

  1. Homework is due
  2. Sentence Structure Quiz
  3. Sonnet Notes
    1. English sonnet (also Shakespearean sonnet)
    2. Shakespeare, 16th century
    3. 14 lines of iambic pentameter
      1. Three quatrains (blocks of four lines) – each quatrain explains one idea.
      2. One couplet (last two lines) – conclusion of poem
      3. Rhyme scheme – abab, cdcd, efef, gg.
    4. CW – Shakespearean Paraphrase
      1. Paraphrase the following poem, line by line: “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” pg 812. This is class work!
        1. Are you like a day in Summer?
        2. You are more pleasant and calm.
        3. Strong winds in summer shake the pretty flowers,
        4. And summer …
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Schools & Departments Interested in Relay for Life …

Suffolk Public Schools will be providing marketing support to 2017 Relay for Life teams from schools and departments.

The Suffolk Relay for Life event will be Friday, May 19, 2017 at Nansemond River High School from 6 p.m. to Midnight.

Tara Asare is the local American Cancer Society’s staff person. Her email is, and her phone number is (757) 493-7972.

The website link for the Suffolk event is


Some schools have already named Relay for Life coordinators:

  • CES – Mary Keiser
  • DES – Nichole Kincheloe
  • EFES – Brian Van der Linden
  • HES – Shante Lyttle
  • KSES – Michelle Floyd
  • MBES – Laura Eaton
  • NPES – Deborah Devine & Jamie Guthrie
  • NSES – Lauren McGhee
  • OES – Holly Wulfekuhle
  • PES – Elizabeth Alston
  • FGMS – Amanda Jewett
  • JFKMS – Alfred Ravgiala
  • JYMS – Kelly Outlaw
  • KFMS – Brandy West
  • LHS – Tivantee Reid
  • NRHS – Amy Newsome
  • Transportation – Angela Simpson
  • Food Services – Brian Williams
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Tuesday, December 6

Block 1 – Study for Test – Thursday SOLs 6.7 (word problems), 6.5 (powers, exponents, perfect squares), 6.17 (sequences)

Block 2 – Day 3 of Daily Review

Block 3 – Study Properties Notes

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Suffolk Reading Council Book Fair at Barnes & Noble – Dec. 16

Click on the headline to find out all the details.  Once “inside,” you’ll find a link to the voucher.



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Announcements 12-6-16

Swim team:  Remember to see Mr. Lippiatt today or tomorrow to pick up your team picture packet.

Girls’ soccer will have conditioning today and tomorrow beginning at 3:15 pm on the practice field.

Boys’ Soccer Conditioning will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday, December 6.

The original beloved holiday special comes to life on stage at Nansemond River High School this week. A Charlie Brown Christmas will be presented Thursday and Friday, December 8 and 9 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, December 10 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are only $5.00 for students. Please come out and support the Nansemond River High School Performing Arts Company as they present their holiday family show. See Dr. Neighbours or any cast or crew member for more details.

Come and get your Volleyball tickets! Tickets are available in room 114 and during lunch. Don’t miss out on all of the fun! The game will be held on December 19 during 1st block.

Student Council Association will meet Wednesday, December 7 until 3:30 in room 203. You must provide your own transportation home.

The Chess Club will meet on Tuesday, December 6 in the library.

The National Honor Society is holding a cornhole tournament during lunch this week. For just $1.00, you can enter for a chance to win multiple prizes including a Chick-fil-A gift card!

Please come out to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting right after school Monday, December 5. Be sure to bring a friend. Remember:  you don’t have to be an athlete to attend.

Please join the FBLA in supporting families for Christmas by selecting an Angel ornament from the Angel Tree located in the Main Office. Gift information and directions are on the back of each angel. Please turn in all unwrapped gifts with the angel and a gift receipt to Ms. Simmons or Mr. Bartholomew by Wednesday, December 14.

FBLA is asking that anyone who has wrapping paper or gift bags that they would like to donate to please bring them to Ms. Simmons in room 118 ASAP.

Juniors and Seniors: Vote for your favorite prom theme! Check your email for instructions. The next prom meeting is Tuesday, December 13.  Mark your calendars. The Prom theme will revealed! Please vote!

Yearbook updates: Personalization is due by December 19.

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Join A Club Today!

Click here for a student survey. Let us know what clubs interest you!


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Perimeter   (Versatiles activity)

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Elf on a Shelf – Day 4

tridentThe weapon of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, as well as his Symbol of Power, which was forged for him by the three Elder Cyclopes during the first Titanomachy.

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Dec. 5, 2016

(INp.32) Complete the attached worksheet

Sol. 6.19A Quiz tomorrow.

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BLOCK 1-Complete 1-3 on the NHWR sheet and in the blue book do page 2 #5 and page 5 #’s 9, and 10.

BLOCK 2-Complete 1-3 on the NHWR sheet and in the blue book do page 2 #5 and page 5 #’s 9, and 10.

BLOCK 3-Complete 1-3 on the NHWR sheet and in the blue book do page 2 #5 and page 5 #’s 9, and 10.

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Monday, December 5

Block 1 – Complete INB 42 (Textbook p 426 #4-12) Bell Ringer and Daily Snap Shot

Block 2 – Day 2 Daily Review Sheet

Block 3 – Study for test tomorrow (SOL 6.7, 6.5, 6.17) – INB 43 (Textbook p432 #5-14)

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Homework & Information Mon 12/5

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

1st block – Remind code: @stoneblk1  DNA Quiz next class.  HW: Watch the Bozeman Science video titled DNA & RNA Part 2.  Take your own notes.

3rd block – Remind code: @stoneblk3  DNA Quiz next class.  HW: Watch the Bozeman Science video titled DNA & RNA Part 2.  Take your own notes.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  DNA Quiz on Wed 12/7.  HW due Wed 12/7: Watch the Bozeman Science video titled DNA & RNA Part 2.  Take your own notes.

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Winter Sports Team Pictures

Winter Sports team pictures will be taken on Wed., Dec. 14, 2016 immediately following school.

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Suffolk News Herald Player of the Year – Damontra Milteer

Congratulations to Damontra Milteer for being selected as one of the Suffolk News Herald Players of the Year!

SNH Player of the Year

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Letter Yy Week!

yoyoThis week we will meet “Yetta Yo Yo” for Letter “Yy” week. We will be doing crafts for Christmas and reviewing our five senses. We will also continue the unit, The Four Seasons.  Please ask your student to name the four seasons and something that happens in each season or what it is like (cold, hot, rainy, snowy, swim, leaves fall, flowers bloom, what we wear, etc.)  Please review the letter Yy and letter sound at home with your child.   Remember to review the other letters we have learned as well (S,T,P,O,X,U).  Your child should be able to recognize the letters and tell the sound of the letters that we have learned so far in class.  Please continue practicing name-writing.  We are also practicing our personal information, such as full name, address and birthday.

Field Trip to NRHS this Friday, December 9. Please let me know if you are meeting us there.

Scholastic book orders are due this Friday, Dec. 9 for delivery before Christmas break! They have several $1 books- good stocking stuffers.

As the weather turns cold, please be sure to send a heavy jacket each day, along with mittens and/or a hat.       We go outside twice a day as long as it is not raining.


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December 5, 2016

No written homework tonight. We finished sequences today and will start properties tomorrow.

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Homework for this week……

Monday (December 5th)

Math: Workbook pgs. 129-130 (all problems)

  • Measuring angles with a protractor
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