Girl’s Talk Debuts!


Left to Right: Mrs. Mayo, Ms. Langston, and Ms. Jones lead “Girl’s Talk!”

Girl’s Talk at Turlington Woods has focused on the awareness of self-concept, finding one’s purpose, positive action, and establishing a foundation for healthier relationships. Girl’s Talk provides the young ladies with positive and supportive feedback about their thoughts and feelings and how those areas influence both positive and negative choices within their lives.  The recent focus on self-concept allowed for the young ladies to review a list of emotions both good and bad, and identify which emotions have applied individually to them within the past month. Additionally, the girls chose an emotion from each category to place on their self-expression boards to assist further in exploring and processing the first step of identification in order to implement change.

hqdefaultGirl’s Talk understands the value of supportive and healthy relationships. Covering the fundamental magnitude of formative relationships with parents and siblings shapes all future relationships and one’s ability to interact in a socially age-appropriate manner. Utilizing a metaphor the facilitators asked the young ladies to identify essential parts of a tree such as leaves, branches, and roots. Leaves provide shade, they sway back-and-forth, change with the seasons and fall off, and most people that we encounter daily are like leaves on a tree just there to come and go. Then we have branches which essentially seem strong and supportive, however, in terms of people, they can be tricky often seeming strong. When we step out on them or grab onto them in times of need they break because when they can’t benefit from us they have nothing to provide. Then you have roots on a tree which only has to be a few this is what helps the tree grow, and in life, we will only have a few people that come along that help us become better people and like that tree without those roots, we can’t grow. This metaphor was important for the young ladies to comprehend the value in the company they keep and how those around them can influence their choices.

Overall, the purpose of Girl’s Talk is to help the young ladies weekly to become more familiar with who they are as individuals. The group has utilized modeling behavior by allowing a session for former young ladies of the alternative school to come speak with the group about their experiences and the importance of making better choices.

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