Make a Difference With United Way

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Good morning!
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year’s United Way Campaign.  This email will serve as the introductory meeting and initial request for participation with the United Way.  As a teacher with Suffolk Public Schools, the example you set through your talents and commitment to the community is priceless.  I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the United Way Campaign this year at any level with which they feel comfortable.
Your gift provides essential and emergency services — food, shelter, child-care of low-income families, emergency services for victims of violence, aid for local military families while a parent is deployed. But we believe we must do more. United Way’s new initiative, United for Children, is building a powerful coalition of public and private stakeholders to drive educational success for our poorest children with enough force and focus to break the cycle of poverty. Through donations like yours, we can expand our reach to make even more of a difference in our communities – for everyone.   Any gift you are able to contribute sends a powerful message to everyone in our community – that we are dedicated to making this an even better place to live.