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Due to the currently unpredictable duration of the effects of the Coronavirus on our society, we have decided to make dramatic and necessary changes to the structure of MELT Summer Institutes for 2020.  In the past, all Summer Institutes were week-long and face-to-face, with a few Institutes adding limited synchronous online access.  Additionally, for this summer, we included both week-long (3 CEUs) and short-week (1.7 CEUs) Institutes. 

For Summer 2020, each MELT Institutes will:

1.  Be ONLINE (primarily asynchronous with the possibility of some synchronous and livestream components).  Participants will be able to access the Institutes online between June 22nd and July 17th.  They will access, complete, and submit assignments online.  They will have opportunities to communicate with the instructor, collaborate with other participants, share their work, and get feedback.  Some instruction may be livestreamed and some activities and discussions may be synchronous via Zoom or some other online platform.  Participants will have most of the same experiences as if they had taken the course face-to-face.

2.  Span FOUR WEEKS (June 22 through July 17) instead of only one.  This extended time will afford participants the opportunity to complete the associated learning activities at a more manageable pace associated with working from home.  While most participants will not need this extended time, this schedule can help those who have additional familial or professional responsibilities during this period due to lingering effects from the virus. 

3. Qualify for the Buy-One-Get-One free tuition discount.  Previously, MELT tuition was $300 for week-long Institutes with a BOGO, $200 for short-week Institutes with no BOGO option, and $300 and $200 respectively for online participation with no BOGO option.  The BOGO tuition discount is now applied to ALL institutes.

4. Allow any teacher to register for, and participate in, up to four concurrent Institutes over the four-week period, with tuition due for each selected Institute.   

Altogether, these changes will open the availability of additional seats in most Institutes and the opportunity for teachers to earn their CEU’s in the comfort of their own home!  

Please see the new information for MELT Summer Institutes below and access our Summer Institutes Registration Form.

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The MELT Institutes for Summer 2020 include the following: 

Full Institutes (3 CEUs):  $300 with a BOGO Discount

Math 4 (high school) (Math CEUs)

Math 1 (high school) (Math CEUs)

Desmos: Intro-Advanced (high school) (Math/DL CEUs combination)

Numbers, Operations, & Manipulatives (grades K-5) (Math CEUs)

Numbers, Operations, & Manipulatives (grades 6-8) (Math CEUs)

Math 3 (high school) (Math CEUs)

Math 2 (high school) (Math CEUs)

Discrete Math (high school) (Math CEUs)

Fractions: Understanding, Arithmetic, & Application (grades K-5) (Math CEUs)

Fractions, Ratios, & Proportions (grades 6-8) (Math CEUs)

Shorty Institutes (1.7 CEUs):  $200 with a BOGO Discount

Matrices in the 4th Level Math Courses (high school) (Math CEUs)

Brief Desmos (grades 6-12) (CEUs Math/DL CEUs combination)

Digital Learning (grades K-5) (Digital Learning CEUs)

Vertical Alignment, Math Curriculum & Instruction (grades K-5) (Math CEUs)

Vertical Alignment, Math Curriculum & Instruction (grades 6-8) (Math CEUs)

Literacy in Mathematics (grades K-5) (Math/Literacy CEUs combination)

Statistics in the 4th Level Math Courses (Math CEUs)

New Ideas in Discrete Math (Math CEUs)

Math Assessment, Interpretation & Application (grades K-5) (Math CEUs)

Math Assessment, Interpretation & Application (grades 6-8) (Math CEUs)

The costs for the MELT Institutes are as follows: Full Institutes: ONLINE, $300 per person with a buy-one-get-one free tuition discount.  Shorty Institutes: ONLINE, $200 per person with a buy-one-get-one free tuition discount.

While the cost of tuition is $300 and $200 per person per Institute, MELT continues to offer a buy-one-get-one free tuition discount.  Buy any seat in any MELT Summer Institute and get one seat in either that same Institute or another Institute tuition free.  Pairs of teachers do not need to register for the same institute or even for the same week.  This discount is even applicable to one teacher who wishes to attend two Summer Institutes for the price of one.  (This discount is only applied to MELT Institute tuition costs and not the costs for housing.  Groups of teachers can organize this group discount or a school or district can organize this through the MELT program.

If you wish to earn graduate credits for Institutes, you must begin soon to complete the necessary paperwork.  Please contact Dr. Holly Hirst (; she will guide you through the process. 

If you are an administrator and are interested in sending some teachers from your district or school to MELT, blocks of seats can be purchased to reserve slots and ensure the group discount.  Contact the MELT office as soon as possible.  If you are a teacher and want professional development, act quickly.  If you have any questions, please contact me through the information below.  

Please visit MELT online for far more information regarding: fuller descriptions of the MELT program; descriptions of the Summer Institutes, and the Summer Institutes Registration Form.

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