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Online Resources for At-Home Educators and Learners – April 20, 2020
This Week’s Free LIVE Webcasts
Enjoy live virtual field trips to Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown to learn about life in the 17th and 18th centuries. Click on the title associated with each topic to access the live webcast and enter the password provided for that specific session. (All times are EDT.)
Tuesday, April 21American Revolution Museum at YorktownIndividuals living on small farms during the 18th century had to be self sufficient. If you were sick, you would often turn to your garden for herbal remedies. And if you needed containers, you would gather resources and begin weaving your own basket. Learn about both this Tuesday. 
10 a.m. – Home Remedies
Password: 178111 a.m. – How to Weave a Basket – Part One
Password: 1781
12 p.m. – How to Weave a Basket – Part Two
Password: 1781Life on an 18th-Century Farm
What was life like on a typical 18th-century farm? Find out what crops were grown, what animals were raised, and what the typical home would have looked like. Students can read this article and then compare and contrast life in the 18th century with life in the United States today. 
Thursday, April 23Jamestown SettlementWhen we think about the early years of Jamestown and the Virginia colony, we don’t usually think of the everyday needs. What happened if someone got sick? What did people eat and who prepared the food? How did you keep your clothes clean? We’ll discover the answers this week.10 a.m. – Apothecarist Garden                                  Password: 1607
11 a.m. – Feeding a Colony                                          Password: 160712 p.m. – In Hot Water                                  Password: 1607A Jamestown TimelineDid you know that the first Europeans in what is now Virginia were Spanish Jesuit missionaries? Learn what happened in the years between the Spanish presence and the Virginia capital move from Jamestown to Williamsburg over one hundred years later.
Summer Teacher Institute for Virginia Teachers
It’s not too late to apply for the 2020 Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation Summer Teacher Institute. During the week of July 13, we’ll host 20 Virginia teachers at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, where they’ll learn about life in the 18th century and the American Revolution as well as methodology for bringing the topics alive for students. This program is completely grant funded; all expenses are paid. To learn more and fill out an application, please visit our Summer Teacher Institute page.

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