EDIS 5235: Dyslexia and the Classroom (One-Credit, Web-Based Course)

This one-hour course is designed to acquaint classroom teachers with the current research on reading development and dyslexia, the occurrence of dyslexia in classrooms, and the type of instruction needed to support reading development. Students in this course will examine the causes and consequences of reading disabilities as well as explore effective interventions. Participants will complete the VDOE Dyslexia Awareness module as part of the course and earn thirty points toward recertification.

Participants will complete five online modules with instructor feedback and support and should expect to spend approximately six hours per module to complete readings, exercises and activities, and online discussion forums.

One participant wrote: “Based on our readings, it seems that there is no program that works for everyone. I guess the trick is identifying a student’s weaknesses, providing systematic instruction, and ensuring that the student is making progress.

Dates: 2/10/20 – 3/13/20

Cost: $400

To register for a course, click here.Questions? Contact Ottilie Austin at aof2b@virginia.edu

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