Author-Led Book Studies 2020-2021

Reenergize your practices for the 2020–2021 school year
Connect with and learn from your favorite Solution Tree authors through our virtual book study series. Each free, author-led study includes 3 to 6
sessions and covers the topics educators like you have told us are most
relevant during this unprecedented time.
Upcoming Virtual Book Studies
Riding the Wave Book Study
With Jeremy Adams

Take Time for You Book Study
With Tina Boogren

Creating a Culture of Feedback Book Study
With Bill Ferriter and Paul Cancellieri

Crafting Your Message Book Study
With Tammy Heflebower

Starting a Movement Book Study
With Tom Hierck and Ken Williams HEART! Book Study
With Tim Kanold

NOW Classrooms Series Book Study
With Meg Ormiston

Teaching With the Instructional Cha-Chas Book Study
With LeAnn Nickelsen and Melissa Dickson

100-Day Leaders Book Study
With Doug Reeves

Breaking With Tradition Book Study
With Jon Vander Els and Brian Stack
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