Gifted Education Advisory Board

The Gifted Education Advisory Board membership is comprised of parents of gifted students, school personnel, and other community members who are interested in gifted education.  Nominations for membership may be submitted by parents, teachers, administrators, or other community members.  The Advanced Instruction Specialist, Director of Elementary Leadership, and Deputy Superintendent for Instruction will review the nominations for expertise, interest, and a representation from every elementary, middle, and high school. Recommendations will then be submitted to the School Board for approval and appointment.

The board meetings are held at least times each year and are open attendance. The purpose of the board is to promote community awareness about the gifted program, to offer suggestions for continuous improvement of services, and to periodically review the local plan.
Meeting dates: December 3, 2018; February 4, 2019;  April 8, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM               Where:  King’s Fork Middle School

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