Elementary Program

The Enrichment Program from kindergarten to grade two serves potentially gifted students.  This program provides consultation and in-class activities for all students to provide enrichment activities beyond the regular curriculum. In kindergarten, students are eligible for placement in the Talent Pool which allows them to be monitored for high potential. At the end of grade 2 all students are screened to identify those who qualify as gifted students.  These students are then eligible to receive gifted services in grades 3-8.

QUEST: Quality Utilization Enrichment of Students’ Talents, known as QUEST is the program for academically gifted students in grades 3-8. Students receive differentiated instruction from the gifted resource teacher and general education teacher throughout the year.  Assignments are provided to stimulate and foster critical thinking and independent research skills.   Students work both individually and in small groups to develop independent learning skills, creative potential, and higher level thinking abilities.


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