Gifted Advisory Board Virtual Meeting March 2014

Gifted Education Advisory Board

                                      Meeting Agenda-March 17, 2014

                                      President, T0mika Eley

 Hello. I’m Carol Kennedy-Dickens, the Supervisor of advanced instruction for Suffolk Public schools and I welcome you to our 1st virtual gifted advisory board meeting. When I spoke with Tameka Eley, the president, to introduce the idea of presenting a meeting void of the late evening, poor winter weather, and travel but filled with information about the world of gifted services, the major concern was that everyone would have access to the information and be able to express themselves. With this in mind, I ask that you view the related information posted here and submit your name in the comment section which will serve as evidence that you did visit with us and receive the information. Feel free to make additional comments or pose questions.

 As mentioned before, the Purpose of the gifted advisory board is:

  • To provide a voice for the gifted community expressing suggestions and concerns as they pertain to the Suffolk Public Schools Gifted Services.  We expect that as the representatives of your schools, you will be a conduit of communication with our gifted families.
  • We are also charged with sponsoring a community seminar/workshop in the winter
  • And we sponsor a community awareness program in the spring
  • In addition, we review the SPS gifted plan to make sure that we are serving our community well

Our Program Goals for gifted services are to make sure that we have defined in our plan :

  • An Identification process complete with Screening
  • Our Delivery of Services
  • The Curriculum and Instruction
  • The Professional Development
  • Equitable Representation of Students
  • And Parent and Community Involvement

While the board did not specify any areas to review this year, we do need to update the section which addresses our identification and screening process since in the last two years we have made several board approved changes. I will edit the plan and present the changes at the final board meeting in May.

Our Agenda items for this meeting are to review the minutes from the last meeting, receive the reports from the various programs, hear the outcome of the survey for our community seminar at our last session, and to present our plans for the gifted fair in May.

Please Review the minutes and submit suggested changes in the comment section.

Agenda for 2nd GAB minutes

The community seminar by accounts from the survey as you can see in the minutes was well-received. Our GRTs presented professionally and the topics seemed to have been of interest to the participants.

We are presently entering the selection season for several of our programs from 2nd grade gifted screening to 5th grade assessment opportunities to qualify for the middle school QUEST to screening for talented art and talented music to selection of high school students for IB at KFHS, PLTW at NRHS and PLTW at LHS.  Please take a look at these programs by going to the labeled page on this blog for more information.

Second grade letter to parents 10-11[1]          Parent flyer for QUEST 5 2014

Please view the pages for Elementary and Middle School QUEST and for Talented Art and Music for more information about the programs.

Our talented art students will be taking a field trip to the Suffolk museum in early April and our talented music students will be presented in the annual STARS program also in April. Please take a few minutes to review the reports of the elementary QUEST program and the middle school QUEST program.

Middle school QUEST    Middle school presentation

The season to nominate students for the gifted program, grades 3-8 is April.  Secure a form and turn it in to the school by April 26th.  flyer for nomination season 2014     nomination form

At this time of year several summer opportunities become available for gifted students.

The 2014 Tidewater Regional Governor’s School will be accepting applications from current QUEST students in grades 3-6.  This grant-funded program for identified gifted students from Suffolk Public Schools, will take place at Kings Fork Middle School on Mondays through Thursdays from July 14-24. This year’s theme will be Exploring New Horizons and will focus on aviation and rocketry.
Application to be posted on March 27th 2014 TRGS application

Please go to the summer opportunity  page on this blog to review additional opportunities.

Our last meeting for the year is combined with our annual gifted fair on May 19th.  The flyer is posted.  Encourage everyone to come out to see our gifted programs on exhibit.

Gifted Fair flyer 2014

I have attached to this section the second newsletter of the year which suggests that you go to certain interesting sites to glean more information about gifted education. There is a lot of information available to keep us on the cutting edge to meet the needs of our children.

Newsletter March 2014 Talented & Gifted Stars

This concludes my remarks.  Please remember to register your name in the comment section for attendance to our virtual meeting and supply any additional comments/concerns you may have.


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