Wednesday Night ONLY!

Open Late

Join us for some late night BOOK FAIR shopping on Wednesday, March 22nd ONLY…we’ll be open until 6:00 p.m.

Great chance to shop with the kids… or on your own and stuff those Easter baskets with a reading treat for your child!


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Quiz on Chapter 8 (Spanish-American War & World War I) scheduled on Thursday, 3-23-17 along with the Performance Based Assessment.

2nd block students – share your progress reports with your parents and have them sign it. Return it tomorrow for homework credit.

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March 21, 2017

Study IN p. 47-50. We glued  the first 2 completed pages of the study guide onto pages 47 and 48. Make sure pages 49 and 50 are complete for tomorrow’s class.

BENCHMARK #3 is this Friday!!!

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Tuesday, March 21

Block 1 – Benchmark Review #36 – 46 (all)

Block 2 – Benchmark Review – Sections 8.6 and 8.8

Block 3 – Complete Benchmark Review Packet

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Walk Across America Updates

usa-35713_960_720Log It Updates as of March:
Elementary B Schools are in New Mexico – 2,652 Total Miles
Elementary A Schools are in Oklahoma – 1,856 Total Miles
Middle Schools are in Arkansas – 1,668 Total Miles
High Schools are in Louisiana – 1,364 Total Miles
SAO is in Georgia – 464 Total Miles
                                                           As a District Team we have covered – 8,004 Miles!!!
                                             We are working very well together to Walk Across America!!!
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Vote for the new Wellness Logo

voting-clipart-vote-clipart-9i4xren5TVoting is now open for the SPS Employee Wellness Logo.  Click on the form link below and vote for the best logo.  Voting will close Friday, March 24th at noon.  Thank you to all of our participants.  We have a very talented staff.
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March 21, 2017

(Study Guide)

  • Complete p. 10 Sol. 6.12 # 66
  • Complete p.11 Sol. 6.13

Benchmark #3 will be given on Monday, March 27th. Be sure you know how to do everything in the study guide. Ask me if you are having any problems.


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Announcements 3-21-17

The Lady Warriors Tennis team improved to 2-0 yesterday with a 9-0 win over Oscar Smith. The Lady Warriors look to extend their winning streak against Hickory today at home.  Good luck Ladies!

Congratulations to Daulton Manning and Jeff Boone for beating Ms. Smith and Coach Maus in Pickleball. Their win ended the Smith-Maus 10 year undefeated record!

In an effort to be consistent in dress expectations, we will use the “finger tip length when hands are held normally at the sides” rule for rips and tears in jeans where skin is exposed. This still allows you the choice to wear fashionable ripped jeans and is better aligned with the “finger tip” expectation that is used for dresses, shorts, etc. This idea came from a Senior, and we certainly appreciate the input.

NRHS Marching Band will practice Monday – Thursday from 3:05 – 6:15 pm. Everyone needs to be on time. This practice is for everyone who is participating in spring band. See Mr. Woodis for any additional information.

All Gospel Choir members that are interested in earning more community service hours: please see Gospel Choir President Andre Gibson or Assistant Gospel Choir President Kaliah Little for more information.

Attention Seniors that are planning to go to Tidewater Community College: The time has come to apply and complete your FAFSA, The deadline is April 1st. Stop by Guidance starting Monday, March 20 to see Mrs. Foster to complete your application and FAFSA as soon as possible.

Attention Seniors: we have extended the turn in date for your National Signing Day Field Trip Permission slip. You must have your acceptance letter with the permission slip turned in by Monday, March 27 along with your T-shirt size. See Mrs. Foster in Guidance with any questions.

Attention Juniors: Do you need help paying for your SAT/ACT test? Stop by the Guidance Office to see Mrs. Foster Monday, March 20 or Tuesday, March 21 next week to inquire about how you can have your test paid for.

Are you thinking of studying a career in Electronics, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Robotics, or Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning? Here’s your opportunity to attend a field trip to get a hands-on experience in those careers. Get your permission slip now to attend the Paul D. Camp Career Exploration Day on March 31, 2017. This all-day trip will include lunch along with the opportunity to grow and learn about your potential career. Pick up a permission slip outside of Room123 (Mrs. Smith’s room). Only the first 20 students can attend so get your form in fast!

Nansemond River High DECA is sponsoring “Beyond the Lights” Fashion Show on March 30 at 6:00 pm. We are looking for male and female models for this Prom Fashion Show. If you would like to be a model, please pick up an application form at room 230 on the door in the red folder. You will need to return the form completed and signed by you and your parent by Friday, March 17 in room 230. We look forward to our first Fashion Show Production at NRHS. Tickets will be available for purchase next week – $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.

Join us at Sweet Frog on Thursday, March 23 from 3:00 – 10:00 pm to support our ROTC and help build the sanitation station in Guatemala. Simply come in and tell the cashier that you are with the Nansemond River ROTC to help support the cause!

Juniors: We are having a Junior Planning Night to help you and your parents navigate through the college/career process. Please come out on Thursday, March 30 at 6:00 pm.  The meeting will be held in the Library. Door prizes will be awarded!

Attention students: If you are interested in taking a Dual Credit class next year, please see your counselor to sign up for the placement test that will be given on Wednesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 27.

The next Red Cross Blood Drive is Friday, March 24. Students and teachers who wish to donate blood can sign up today in the cafeteria during lunch shifts.

Attention Seniors, Early Grads and Term Grads: Please be reminded that if you are planning to graduate this year (June or August), you must have 50 hours of community service completed. The appropriate form must be turned in by May 1, 2017. Forms can be picked up in the Guidance Office.

Attention Seniors: The ACCESS College Foundation’s Scholarship is now available. You must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply. English teachers will be providing an application to those who meet the requirements. Any applications turned into Mrs. Foster on or before the priority deadline date of April 3, 2017 will also make you eligible for another pool of scholarships from several local sponsors.

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Week of 3/20 – 24

Wednesday is our field trip to the VA Symphony. Please make sure your child has returned a permission slip so they may attend. Dress from the fancier end of your closet and bring a bag lunch.

Thursday is the Math Benchmark and our picture day. We will be first in line for pictures then begin our exam. This is the third and final score to bring up averages that are below 70. Best work is key, as well as good brian dump and solid proof sheet. Review the following skills:

5.5 Decimals

5.7 Order of operations

5.19 Distributive property

5.4 Whole number word problems

5.3/5.90 Prime/composite, Odd/even, Divisibility rules

5.6 Fraction add and subtract

5.2 Order/compare fractions and decimals

Monday – Wednesday – Review WS

Science – There is no grid this week to allow students to focus their study on the Math content.

Thanks for all you do at home to help your child at school.

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Superhero Friday for Mason!

On Friday, March 24, we will honor the memory of Mason Sheets by wearing our superhero shirts.

Please join us and wear a shirt or outfit with your favorite superhero!

Please feel free to post pictures to the Creekside PTA Facebook page.

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5-7 Study Guide

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3rd Nine Weeks Study Guide

Study guide for our Benchmark which will be given on 3/30/17 & 3/31/17 :

 Bring your device all next week for review!

MP3 Study Guide2

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Saturday Enrichment Program for High-Ability Learners

The College of William and Mary is offering an enrichment program this school year.
SEP is an academically challenging program with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning for students in grades K-12.
The program is not meant to supplant the regular school curriculum; rather, it recognizes the importance of allowing able youngsters to explore additional specialized areas of science, mathematics, humanities, and arts, that are not typically studied in the regular classroom.
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Accumulative Review Study Guide Vocabulary Units 1-3

The students need to study these words for the Test on Friday, March 31, 2017.  this gives everyone  plenty of time to study and do well.  Each student will be given a paper study guide as well!

Accumulative Review Study Guide

Set 1

Root/Affix Meaning Word
ad toward; addition to; motion advance,  addition, advice
anti against antisocial, anti-Semitism
auto self autobiography, automatic
bene good benefit, beneficiary
mal bad malfunction, malice
bi, du two bifocal, duet , duce
circum around circumstance, circle
co; con; com together; with connect, combine
in, im, il, ir not; without inconsistent, improper, illegal, irregular
dis away distance,  dissipate

Challenge:  capitulate, conjecture, bedlam, bamboozled

Set 2

Root or Affix Meaning Application Word
aqua/hydro/marine water aquarium, hydroelectric, maritime
aud to hear audience, auditorium
cent one hundred century, percent
contra against contradict
dict to say or speak dictation, dictator
ject throw eject, projection
fract to break fracture, fraction
jud to judge judicial, judgement
multi/poly many multiple, polygon
port to carry portable, transportation
scribe/script to write scribble, inscription
sect/sec to cut section, bisect
Challenge Meaning
jovial happy, jolly
ponder to think

Set 3

spect to see inspection, spectacle
struct to build construction, destruction
mid middle midway, midfield
inter between intermission, interrupt
mis wrong mistake, misuse
pre before preview, pretense
semi/hemi half semicircle, hemisphere
sub under subterranean, subway
super over superhuman, superb
trans across transfer, transmit
able can be affordable, credible
er/or on who does teacher, doctor
ful full of cheerful, helpful
tion process combination, multiplication
less without careless, hopeless

Challenge Words:  majority-  large amount; minority-small amount; disperse- to separate; desolate-to destroy



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Homework for the week of 03-20-24-2017


Mon-Friday- AR reading
 Tues: Reading comprehension worksheet, due on Wednesday

The students will study US 1.9a, using their Essential Knowledge

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the causes, major events, and effects of the Civil War by

a)   describing the cultural, economic, and constitutional issues that divided the nation.


Mon – Thurs-4 -AR summaries- due on Friday

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Week of March 20th

Spelling Words:

List A: frying, jumping, playing, working, crying

List B: washing, carrying, singing, exploring, catching

Both:  yawning, fixing, meeting, raining, buzzing


Weekly Story:  The Grasshopper and the Ant

Contact Information


Phone: 923-4167

Check out our blog here:


Please complete all spelling homework in your homework notebook.   Do not tear any pages out.  Keep all homework and your agenda in your binder.  Thanks!


  • Math-work on worksheet (Be sure you are estimating-rounding-before you subtract)
  • Spelling-1 menu activity
  • Read and answer 1 question


  • Math-work on worksheet
  • Spelling-1 menu activity
  • Read and answer 1 question


  • Math-work on worksheet
  • Spelling-1 menu activity
  • Read and answer 1 question


  • Math-work on worksheet
  • Spelling-1 menu activity
  • Read and answer 1 question


Teacher’s  Corner


  • Spring and class pictures Thursday, March 23rd
  • Life Cycles Unit Test: March 30th
  • China and Egypt Unit Test: March 31st
  • Tentative benchmark testing schedule:

*Math-March 27th (covers place value, rounding, comparing numbers, time, fractions, symmetry, solid figures, 2 digit addition, measurement (length, weight, volume) and 2 digit subtraction


*Reading-April 5th


*Social Studies-April 6th


*Science-April 7th




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3NW’s Math Benchmark!!!

3NW’s math benchmark will be administered on Friday, March 24th!

The following SOLS will be covered:

  • SOL 5.4 (Single and multi-step word problems)
  • SOL 5.7 (Order of Operations)
  • SOL 5.19 (Distributive Property)
  • SOLS 5.3/5.90 (Even/Odd and Prime/Composite Numbers)
  • SOL 5.2 (Comparing and ordering decimals and fractions)
  • SOL 5.6 (Adding/Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with and without like denominators)


*Copy of Study Guide (Third Nine Weeks Study Guide 2017)

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This week’s homework….

Wednesday, 3/22/17

Math: Study guides for 3NW’s math test were distributed yesterday. Completed study guides due tomorrow!!!

Science: Work on Google Drawings within Google Classroom. Due by Friday!

Tuesday, 3/21/17

*Symphony field trip tomorrow*

Math: Workbook pg. 226 (Elapsed Time)

Science: Work on Google Drawings within Google Classroom. Due by Friday!

Monday, 3/20/17

Math: Workbook pg. 225 (Elapsed Time)

  • 3NW’s Math Benchmark will be this Friday. Review all notes!

Science: Work on Google Drawings within Google Classroom. Due by Friday!

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Homework & Information Mon 3/20

Sign up for Remind. Check it out on Use this phone number: (757) 809-2118, and use the code for your class (see below).

2nd block – Remind code: @stoneblk2  We will not have class Wednesday due to SOL testing.  We will only meet for attendance.  No homework.

4th block – Remind code: @stoneblk4  No homework.

7th block – Remind code: @stoneblk7  Patterns of Heredity & Genetic Engineering Test tomorrow.  Book check – Bring your textbook or take a picture of the inside front cover.

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Happy Spring!!

This week we will learn more about movement. We will read stories about playing games that involve movement like We’re Going on a Lion Hunt.  We are also learning Letter H this week. Please continue to review all of the letters and letter sounds that we have learned this year.


Egg Hunt

We will be having an egg hunt on Friday, April, 7. Please send in 12 plastic eggs, a bag of pre-wrapped candy (nothing containing nuts, please), and a 12 slotted egg carton to hold the eggs that they will find.  Please see the paper in your child’s folder for more details.


Home Activities:

*Hh Hunt – look at magazine and newspaper headlines with your child. Search for words that begin with capital H and lowercase h.  Circle the letters. Count the number of letters you find.  Look for pictures that begin with the letter H.

*Have your child practice writing his/her name. If he/she has already mastered his/her first name, work on your last name. Make sure to have a capital letter for the first letter and lowercase letters for the rest of the name.

*Work on recognizing numbers 0-10 with your child. Practice writing numbers once your child can recognize them.

*Practice your child’s personal information.

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