At NRHS we invoke the 24 hour rule. Allcontact with coaches must occur 24 hours or later after a contest or practice. We insist that concerned parties do not confront a coach before, during or after a contest.

What communication coaches can expect from parents:

  • Concerns of treatment of your child
  • Ways to help your child improve
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior
  • Advance notification of schedule conflicts
  • Advance notification of illness/injury (when possible)


Good sportsmanship is viewed by the Virginia High School League as a concrete measure of the understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. With the fundamentals of sportsmanship as the point of departure, specific responsibilities and expected modes of behavior can be defined. 

At NRHS we expect all our fans, parents and athletes to 

  • Be courteous to all participants, coaches, officials, staff and fans
  • Know the rules, abide by and respect the officials’ decisions
  • Win with character and lose with dignity
  • Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself and our team

We appreciate your SUPPORT and POSITIVE encouragement.
We ask that your behavior be FOR and NOT AGAINST our coaching staff, visiting teams, officials, spectators and our own NRHS teams.