Our School

NR Logo 2_smallNansemond River High School first opened its doors in September 1990.  The school was designed for 1500 students.  Nansemond River was one of two high schools to open its door that year. Nansemond River’s sister school is Lakeland High School.  The two schools were built to replace four smaller high schools.

Nansemond River High School is located on Nansemond Parkway in Suffolk.


Nansemond River High School’s mission is to support an environment that recognizes the potential of all students to excel academically, emotionally, and physically in order to become responsible and productive citizens in a multicultural society.


We believe…

Each student is capable of being successful and must be educated to the best of his/her ability

  • Success demands a joint effort involving students, parents, teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and the community.

  • Every child must be responsible for his/her own learning and growth through determination and personal discipline.

  • Our school promotes multicultural understanding and respect by appreciating the uniqueness of individuals.

  • True education cultivates a lifelong appreciation for learning.