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Welcome to the Lakeland High School Marching Quiet Storm  new and improved website. This is your portal for the latest news and information about the Mighty Marching Quiet Storm. THE STORM IS BREWING!!!!!

The 2nd Annual “Eye of The Storm Classic” Save the Date

Eye of the Storm Classic Save the Date


Thanks For Your Support

A special Thank You to all parents, guardians and community members for their support of the Quiet Storm by your donations of water, snacks and essentials. These items will continue to make our marching season a tremendous success!!! If you would still like to donate Water, Gatorade or snack it will be greatly appreciated and needed. You can drop all items off at the band room. The band students work extremely hard to ensure that they uphold the quality that the Marching Quiet Storm is known for. Again, I say Thank You!!! 🙂

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