Mar 07

Day Three: LHS Media Center Teen Tech Week

techThe challenge: Six word autobiographies







Mar 01

Stay Green-Don’t Get Pinched

greenMarch 17th is St. Patrick’s Day.  Don’t get pinched…check-out a green book!

Feb 22

Teen Tech Week March 5th-11th

teen techCome by the LHS Library Media Center March 5th-11th to enjoy some low-tech fun in honor of National Teen Tech Week.

Feb 16

Fake News?

fake newsNinth grade English students have the opportunity to earn extra-credit by completing “Fake News?” stations in the Library Media Center this nine weeks.  The five stations explore possible fake news in newspapers, social media, television news reports and publicized photographs.






Jan 25

Read box is here!

readbox2We know you love Red box.  Come checkout our Read box at the LHS library media center.  Reserve new releases before they hit the shelves.

Jan 05

No date for Valentines?

valentineNo date for Valentines?  Let the experts at the LHS library find a perfect match for you.  Both teachers and students are invited.  Matchmakers will be available the first two weeks of February.  This is an event you do not want to miss!

Dec 19

Elf on the Shelf – Day 14

vampire-academyGuardians get the molnija mark tattooed on their necks to mark how many Strigoi they have killed.  They look like two streaks.

Dec 16

Elf on a Shelf – Day 13

maximum-rideThe main character, like the other members in the flock, is 98% human and 2% avian (bird).  She has a Voice in her head, which gives her cryptic messages that she sometimes disregards. She initially feared that it was an enemy inside her, or someone from the School tracking the Flock.

Dec 15

Day 12 – Elf on a Shelf

img_3713This was a consoling device for Sammy before and during the Arrival. When the soldiers of Wright-Patterson AFB arrive at Camp Ashpit to take the children to safety, Sammy decides he needs to be a “big boy” and give Bear to Cassie to comfort her until he gets back.

Dec 14

Otzi Breakout Box

Ms. Sheffield’s Earth Science students uncovered clues to the death and geologic time period of the world’s oldest iceman, Otzi.  The game involved a breakout box, designed by the Library Media Specialists at Lakeland.  Fun and learning was had by all!




















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