Upcoming January LHS Library Initiatives






January in the LHS Library

Jan. 2: National Science Fiction Day

-Check out the most popular selections-

Jan. 4: National Trivia Day

-Win book trivia…win candy-

Jan. 5: National Bird Day

-Bird books on display-

Jan. 15: National Hat Day

-Make an origami hat-

Jan. 16: National Dragon Appreciation Day

-Draw a dragon tutorials-

Jan. 19: National Popcorn Day

-Check out a book, earn popcorn-

Jan. 23: National Handwriting Day

-Try your hand at cursive-

Jan. 24: National Compliment Day

-Learn complimentary language-

Jan. 29: National Puzzle Day

-Try a digital or boxed puzzle-

Jan 31: Super Bowl Prep

-Super Bowl trivia and chips-