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9th Grade Reading Program

1. One book report per quarter.
2. Books used for the book report must be available in the Lakeland High School Media Center.
3. Students may use their own copy or a copy from another library as long as the title is also at LHS. It is the student’s responsibility to check the library catalog to be sure.
4. Summer reading books, middle school classroom novels, movie books and manga or graphic novels are NOT allowed. If you are not sure ask your English teacher or Mrs. Glover or Mrs. Smither-Waller.
5. Students must complete book reports on books which they have read during the quarter of the book report. Do not go back and reread books you have read before.
6. Students must read a fiction book for the first three quarters.
7. Nonfiction will be allowed 4th quarter only.
8. E-mail Mrs. Glover or Mrs. Smither-Waller if you have questions or if you need a suggestion for a great book to read.
9. Book reports are graded by Media Specialists, Mrs. Glover or Mrs. Smither-Waller for a pass/fail grade. The grade will be an English grade.
10. Book reports are kept by the Media Specialists.
11. Excel spreadsheets are kept for each teacher with student names, book title and date, Pass/Fail grade and then e-mailed to the teacher on a regular basis.

1st 9 Weeks
1. Fiction Book
2. Journal As You Go (click here for template)
3. Due Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29