Suffolk Education Foundation Fundraiser

YOU and the LHS STAFF are awesome

Each year the LHS staff, along with many other Suffolk School employees support the annual campaign for the Suffolk Education Foundation.  This campaign provides thousands in scholarships, instructional grants and fee assistance to the students, programs, and schools you believe in.  THANK YOU!

This year we are encouraging the Parents to give also.  All we need is 22 parents from each school to give $10 and this will make a difference in what the SEF can fund.

In the coming weeks, members of our board are coming around to observe instructional grants the Education Foundation has funded.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could fund projects up to $5000!  Success in parent giving could get us there.

Parents, or your PTA’s, please spread the word.  Here is the link for donating. (  Anything you do will help.

Thank you for everything you for the future of Suffolk!
Patrick Belcher
SEF Board Member