Book Talk Assignment 4

The assignment is on strategy 13, Recripocal Teaching and Cooperative Learning.  This can be found in the Marcia Tate book.  Please read the assignment and post your comments under Strategy 13 to your right.


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Book Talk Assignment 3

The November assignment is now posted to the right.  See Strategy 11 for more details


Book Talk Assignment 2

The October Assignment is now posted to the right.  See Strategy 9 for more details

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Book Talk Assignment #1

This year we are using Marcia Tate’s book, Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites, for our book talks.  The first assignment is from Strategy 16:  Technology.

Read  Strategy 16 (pgs. 113-118).  Technology is used all the time in education. 

Once you read the section, please share how you incorporate technology in your classroom.  Is it something you use all the time? How do you think students respond when you use technology (are they engaged, bored, etc.)?  Post your responses on the pages to the RIGHT labled Strategy 16.

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April: Flexable Grouping

Good morning!

The focus of April is flexable grouping.  Your assignment, read Chapter 6, Maximizing Student Learning with Flexible Grouping and then blog about it. 

Please post your comments on the page for April Book Talk



Wow, I can’t beleive it is the middle of March already.  Since we did not have a staff meeting this month, I would I’d post here to remind you about March’s assignment.

Read Chapter 5, Making Multiple Intelligences Work

Then try something from the chapter in your classroom while focusing on Respectful Tasks.

Don’t forget to blog about it before the month is over.

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This month’s focus is on using Bloom’s Taxon0my in the DI classroom.  Your assignment is to read chapter 4 in the text and blog about it.  We would then like you to try to use bloom’s in classroom this month.  Create a lesson or activity with bloom’s taxonomy in mind.  As always, please share what you’ve tried and liked.

Due before next Month’s staff meeting.




Happy New Year! 

We have created a DI focus calendar for 2010.  Each month you will read a new chapter in the book and try to apply what you’ve read in the classroom.  We ask that when you complete your reading, you post a response here on the blog and let us know what you are using in the classroom.  Each Chapter and post should be completed before the next month’s staff meeting.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

January Focus on Quality Curriculum (please post in the quality curriculum area)

February Chapter 4, Bloom’s Taxonomy

March Chapter 5, Making Multiple Intelligences Work

– plus focus on Respectful Tasks

April  Chapter 6, Maximizing Student Learning with Flexible Grouping

-plus focus on Flexible Grouping

May Chapter 7, Tiering Lessons

-Plus focus on Continuing Assessment


Learning Styles Inventory

Using one of the links below, please take a learning styles inventory.  Teachers tend to lead  class use their learning style.  This is our comfort zone but not all our students learn the same way.  Once you take the inventory, reflect on the stratgies you use in your classroom.  Do most of them fit in your comfort zone?  Try to expand and reach more learners by stepping outside of your zone.

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Welcome LHS Faculty!

The DI Team at Lakeland thought a blog on Differentiated Instruction would be an excellent forum to continue our learning.   Please post your questions, comments or concerns here.  But most importantly, we want you to share your successes and failures in the DI classroom.  We look forward to working together this year to transform Lakeland into a DI community.