Promotion Policy


 Promotion Policy for Students Who Entered Grade 9 in 2003-2004 and Beyond

The following information applies to students who entered Grade 9 in 2003-2004 and beyond:

To be promoted to Grade 9 you must successfully complete Grade 8.

 To be promoted to Grade 10 you must have  completed in 9th Grade at least five (5) units including English 9, one Math, and three (3) other courses AND have at least one verified credit in Science, Social Science or Mathematics

 To be promoted to Grade 11 you must have completed at the end of the  10th grade at least ten (10) units including English 10 and one Math, one Science, and one Social Science AND have verified one verified credit each in Math, Science and Social Science for a total of three verified credits

 To be promoted to Grade 12 you must have completed at the end of the 11th grade at least 15 units including English 11 and two Maths, two Sciences, and two Social Sciences and be enrolled in those courses which will lead to graduation upon successful completion.  You must also have one verified credit in Math, Science, Social Studies and English for a total of four verified credits.

 To Graduate you must successfully complete at least 22 units and have at least six (6) verified credits: two (2) English, one (1) mathematics, one (1) science, one (1) history, and one (1) student selected course.


A verified credit is earned by successful completion of an SOL course and passing the corresponding SOL assessment.