Dual Enrollment at Paul D. Camp Community College

Dual Enrollment with Paul D. Camp Community College gives high school students the opportunity to take college courses at their own high school, at a PDCCC campus or center, or with PDCCC online. These courses earn the student both college credit and high school credit at the same time. Students can even complete a college General Education Certificate or General Studies Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree at the same time they are completing high school!

Here are six great reasons why high school students should get a jump start on their college degree with dual enrollment:

  1. Students earn credit towards high school graduation and college completion for the same class, thus lessening the time and money needed after high school to complete college.
  2. Families receive significant college tuition savings on dual enrollment college courses taken at their high school. It’s estimated that a dual enrollment student in Virginia can save as much as $28,000 a year in tuition and fees.
  3. Studies show that students who enroll in dual enrollment courses are more likely to complete high school and continue on to college after graduation.
  4. Dual Enrollment students are challenged with college level coursework, thus familiarizing them with the higher academic demands of college earlier. Course are taught by teachers who are credentialed to teach at college level.
  5. After high school graduation, students can complete their studies at PDCCC, or transfer their applicable credits to other colleges or universities. For information on transfer of courses to Virginia colleges and universities, visit the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia website:http://www.schev.edu/students/transfer/advancedsearch.aspStudents should also try the Virginia Wizard, a virtual site that helps students identify their career areas of interest, choose majors, see how courses transfer, etc. Visit the Virginia Wizard athttps://www.vawizard.org/vccs/Main.action
  6. Dual Enrollment students taking classes at their high school will receive tuition reimbursements at a rate of no less than 60%, and in many cases, 100% tuition reimbursement, making the net cost of tuition to parents zero! Each school system is different; be sure to check with your guidance counselor for information on tuition rates, additional fees, etc.



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If you are interested in taking summer courses, please complete the attached Remote Registration Class Selection Form and turn it into Ms. Coley in the Guidance Department. *Last day to sign up and register for summer courses is May 15, 2017*

Remote Registration Form

Some Suggest Summer Classes:

Summer 2017


Important Information Regarding Textbooks:

Paul D. Camp has made the decision to not renew Barnes & Noble’s contract in-order to join the collaborative VCCS contract with Follett.

In-order to streamline this transition. All merchandise from the Suffolk campus bookstore will be moved to the Franklin campus bookstore.

As of Friday, June 3rd, The Suffolk bookstore will be closed.

We will continue to keep the Franklin bookstore open to assist

students, staff and faculty until the end of our contract.

Last day of business for the Franklin bookstore will be Friday, July 8th, 2016.