Teachers and Staff

                                                                         Teachers and Staff

Office Staff

  • Shawn Green – Principal
  • Marion Looney-Gill – Assistant Principal
  • Antoine London – Assistant Principal
  • Wendy VanHosen -Assistant Principal
  • Bonita Cross – Secretary
  • LaVesha Myers – Secretary
  • Jessica Gonzalez – Bookkeeper
  • Ann Gledhill  – Nurse
  • Alexander Laroussi- Counselor (6th)
  • Sabrina Turner- Counselor (7th)
  • Kimberlie Reid – Counselor (8th)
  • RaShanda Land-Guidance File Clerk

Sixth Grade


Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade


  • Gina Herr
  • Sarah Hutzler
  • Kelly Outlaw
  • Gabriel Rogers
  • James Seed
  • Darryl Yandle




Media Specialists

Exploratory and
Other Staff

  • Michelle Bailey
  • Joan Bowden
  • Gwyndolynne Cecchini
  • Laurie Curtis
  • Jocelynn Daniels
  • Jamilla Ford
  • Wendell Foster
  • Latreesha Herring
  • Linda Hurwitz
  • Stephan Klepatzki
  • Cynthia O’Hara
  • Andre Paquette
  • Francisco Sanin
  • Kelsey Waggoner
  • Lavonne Williams
  • Melissa Zawodny


  • Tameka Brown
  • Tammy Feldt
  • Betty Frederick
  • Patricia Hillman
  • Kimberly Jackson
  • Allene Smith
  • Avron Wiggins
  • Caroline Zimmermann

Support Staff

  • Sadie Askew-Cafeteria Manager
  • Rufus Strothers – Head Custodian



How Can Parents Email Their Child’s Teacher?

  The email addresses of a child’s teachers are available to parents in Home Access Center (HAC). 

  Click here to open the Home Access Center (HAC) info page.

  Signing up for a Home Access Center (HAC) account provides valuable information to families. It shares grades, email addresses, schedules, attendance, transcripts and state test scores. Parents can also update their own email address and phone numbers on HAC so teachers can also reach them.


How Can a Community Member Email the School?

 The principal’s email is a hyperlink on the school’s main page – Send Mail – in the “Contact Us” box in the top right box.